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Rick will sports edge I'm your host Rick wolf you know as we're heading towards the last few weeks of the year I thought we spend a little time this morning and do a kind of impromptu survey and and here's what I want to focus on the other day a friend of mine said to me in passing let's face it Rick you talk every Sunday morning about the issues in youth sports these days and my friend continued and if we're honest I would dare say that pretty much all of our problems and concerns and issues in youth sports stem directly from overbearing parents to get in the way of their kids enjoyment of sports my body then said what we need to do is to try and find a way to either get rid of sports parents or just minimize the role as much as possible when it comes to the kids in competitive sports now I give this some serious thought my I want you to do the same the truth is this bold in straight for observation is it really accurate that we can actually trace most of our concerns in sports today right back to the moms and dads and that's that's what I want to discuss this morning of course you know the number it's one eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six you know it it's it's a heck of a claim and the thinking about it for those of us who are old enough to recall a time when kids didn't have so many organize leagues we do remember a time when parents were not so involved point for example my own dad well he he worked on weekends broadcasting college and pro games so he wasn't around much to watch you play on the weekends and in the very is used games that I participated in but you have to understand back then that was it considered to be a big deal of that very few dads or moms want to usually games for the kids because they were doing other things in their lives that I don't my dad didn't come to any of my youth league games until I played in a baseball game when I was in the fifth grade and I don't think he came to any other games until I was then in the ninth grade but again that was now what does that so it was back in those days but that being said understand this my brother might my dead and in the neighborhood kids myself we played a lot of touch football in a lot of pick up basketball games just in our neighborhood and we did is just to have fun and he heard me say we just seem to have more fun in those days nobody word about making a traveler club team or be a somehow getting a college athletic scholarship just went outside and played ball with your buddies but now we're not gonna go back to those days I know that but maybe we really need to re think as a society what we are doing to our children and their lives in sports and and that's what I want to talk about this with this one because you know what we already know for the last couple weeks of the show we know obnoxious parents are causing a significant drop off the number of reps and empires and officials we know that and we also know course that the coaches everywhere routinely complain about overbearing parents that's a fact so is it true the parents these days are the main reason why so few kids seem to be having a good time playing sports is it because of parents like us that our kids don't seem to have as much fun as we did we're playing sports growing up and of course the real question is is it because we lived vicariously more than ever through our kids athletic achievements made that's we want them so badly to fully succeed in sports Doris grabs her own dreams my to falter along the way and I think all these issues here are part of this concern it's a complicated topic obviously not going to get away from parents being involved but maybe the time has come to really educate moms and dads more so than ever and said look in a mirror you're the reason why we have so many issues these days our kids and supports a lot of moms and dads in us no no it's not me it's the other people who pushing their kids and so on so forth but you know if we're being honest with ourselves we have to look in that mirror and say you know maybe we are when we we're the real reason why our kids are burning out at age twelve and thirteen burnout didn't exist when I was growing up we have so many repetitive use injuries these days again that's a relatively new term in terms of kids who specialize in one sport one activity all year round again it's a new it's a new phenomenon that didn't happen a generation ago so these things are more talk about because I I think we're at a point now we have to be honest with ourselves and say okay where do we go from here is a more about just putting up signs at schools and saying at the fields you know behave yourselves don't be obnoxious be a good sport and take a step back and say maybe the real issues have to do with parental expectations let's be candid it all boils down to that we have great great expectations were kids particular comes a sports and that's where things get sort of unfortunate go haywire all right let me take a pause when I come back I want to go right to your phone calls and opinions and thoughts about this it's a big big big issue but something needs to be addressed one eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six that's of course our number let's take a pause marker days here this morning with your update when I come back I'll go right to the calls stay with me.

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