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Go to W. away I dot com slash. the following show is paid for by Lutheran hour ministries the views and opinions expressed are those of the advertiser and do not necessarily represent those of W. L. A. I. N. I heart media. the Lutheran hour bringing Christ to the nation's. in today's message doctor Michael Ziglar says you have a part to play on god's stage of a part to play. in your role at the same time you have responsibility not only to god but also to the others on the stage and Dr Charles parent says part of our willingness to care for god's creation god doesn't give angel the responsibility of having to mean over secretion creatures that responsibility when we rule remember that your ruling over looking after fellow creatures the girl that's next today on the Lutheran hour. hello I'm mark I sure thanks for letting us be part of your day and thank you for your faithful support your gifts and prayers help the Lutheran hour bring Christ to the nations and the nations to the church now with today's message here's our speaker Dr Michael Ziggler. do you ever get to be in a school play I got to be N. are a couple of them I still remember my line from one of them that's right I said my line wasn't a really big part but I still remember it the play was called fat fat Jehoshaphat it was a chronicle of an ancient middle eastern king and my friend Steve he got to be the king Jehoshaphat. Steve was a skinny as a rail and so the teacher had to put a couch cushion under his robes so that he could be fat fat Jehoshaphat reigned in act one of the play the king Steve character declares a fast no food and then an act to he comes back out on stage minus the cushion you know because of the fast and then we all sang a song about flat flat Jehoshaphat. so I had a small role in the play I got to be one of the generals and Jehoshaphat army and I got to wear a beard not one of those hokey beards that you put on your head with an elastic band with the kind they actually grew on your face and I think about it it was a lot of work for one line but the the line I remembered it was when the messenger comes in and tells the king at their says China army coming to fight and attack us and and the messenger says the Moabites are coming the Moabites are coming in my line was the Moabites not the Moabites they're so tough day gargle peanut butter in the morning. science technology engineering math stem stem is all the rage in education these days but every drama teacher will advocate to keep the performing arts in the curriculum every kid who has a part in the school play no matter how big or how small gets the first hand experience of the real life tension between freedom on the one hand and responsibility on the other between creative expression and constructive criticism. life is like that right. you have a part on the stage of life. it's your part. no one else can play it and with in that role within that part you have freedom of creative expression. at the same time it is a role there are boundaries there are limitations and when you transgress those boundaries things don't go well for you. it's like the softball team that I played on in high school I was playing third base but I didn't trust the guy playing shortstop and so I tried to play my position and his as well it didn't go well for the team dynamics when you pull a stunt like that you get destructive criticism from the other players on your team because every roll has its limits it has its boundaries and when you transgress them. things go poorly. it's a good way to understand life in general and a good way to understand life is a follower of Jesus. through faith in Jesus you have been set apart for a part on the stage of god's creation. god is the play right the creative genius the Shakespeare behind this play and Jesus is the star performer the Holy Spirit is the director and you have a part. how do you play a part. you play it with a script. you play it without a tryout. you play with freedom. and you play with responsibility. first of all.

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