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Used in rosemary's baby i mean if you're going to if you're going to direct a a horror movie this is this is the locale you'll want and i think it was roman polanski who who did say it was it was haunted and there's there's a lot of occult there's a legacy there too because the owner or the manager was also deeply involved in eastern mysticism and esa teric religions and so it has a legacy had had it's kind of build up to supernatural reputation one of the freaky aspects of the rosemary's baby movie which what nineteen sixty eight i think they came out mia farrow of course and this was just pointed out to me a couple of weeks ago and that is the if you look at the album the back of the imagine album and john lennon is sort of see him in profile but he's he's sort of laying lying down and we see his face sort of pointed skywards and then if you look at the poster for rosemary as baby and it's mia farrow in the same pose and yeah it is kind of strange and then there's a scene in that movie where it's been so long since i've seen it but there's a there's a a character who befriends mia farrow she ends up getting tossed out of the the window the dakota and she lands almost the exact spot in that archway where of course john lennon died or was when he was hit by that hail of gunfire creepy creepy is that now jim morrison of course we have to talk about jim morrison we're coming up on a break here in a few minutes but we can start the conversation now and continue and of course so much discussion about whether he actually died in that bathtub in paris back in seventy one or whether he faked his death but there's we we focus on that but there are sort of some interesting ghost stories related to morrison as well anderson.

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