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Henry Showman here with Dan. Shulman if you missed the INTRO, we're not related but I do like him a lot in. Of Your family members I. I like you more than some shoulders yes. That's absolutely true. So I, guess a question that comes up is why couldn't you have gone to the world series? It's one ballpark you're in a hotel right now I think as we're talking you could be in a hotel there we had crew can kite Mike Ruko and Dwayne Kuyper. They were at the Ballpark for Home Games. Why couldn't you here or there I I don't know that was a decision made by ESPN management about a month. Ago I. Think it's you know it's not my call and I think they were just prioritizing safety and they thought maybe given what they knew about what what was going on a month ago that it was a more controllable environmentally spn. You know obviously, I wish we were there but I understand that we're not I believe the raise radio guys are there on the dodgers radio guys are not Fox is there MLB International Matt? Martinez, they are not. So you know each entity made its own decision. It was not my call to make. It was made by management and I was told before the playoffs started that after some internal discussion, we would be in Bristol the entire time. So you know I think it falls under the category, but it is it is what it is. Right it's pandemic and I'm just grateful that there is baseball and I'm grateful to be working and and you make the best of the situation. Yeah and You know just talking about crazy situation. The whole thing with the Blue Jays, you're the TV Voice of the Toronto Blue Jays the whole thing was crazy I mean the Canadian government is really being very strict about Americans coming in I I know I tried to move there seven times in the last couple of years. I'm kidding I don't don't send me your postcards of explain what a postcard is later you but you know. I it. It's really strict i. mean what were your expectations as we go as you went into the final week or two before? The regular season actually started about what you would be doing well, someone from our provincial governments provinces like a state someone from our provincial government are I, think I believe is our premiere actually it was like the governor. or someone from the premier's office at the very least said you know we've had discussions in the city has signed off on it and the province signed off on it and we expect the federal government to sign off on it, and that was just like a week before the season and we said, Oh, I, guess they're going to be allowed to play in Toronto and then the next day the The, the federal government came out and said no, and they said it's just the risks are too high at that point cases in. Canada. Were extremely low. They have gone up unfortunately since that you know like everywhere schools reopening and and so forth about it. It was disappointing but it's it's really hard for me to argue it I. I. Mean I'm a passionate baseball guy and I'm also very proud Canadian so I get it you know and then it was while they might play in Dunedin? Which I never thought was going to happen they might play in Pittsburgh what sounded like it could happen but then they.

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