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People tried to do it I couldn't find my broom and clean very much seven twelve here than we thought better of John Elway he's got the forecast like literally I made so here's the deal all the air I know somebody that there's a did she ride in on it this morning so we do have fog bugs the release you out there all the airports reporting fog and also Teterboro New York it's heavier rain then we're seeing in the city so it's messy out there busy in the morning there will be in the afternoon in fact lot of the area your dryer this afternoon just a leftover stray shower forty nine thirty five overnight tomorrow pick of the week forty four it's dry then another rain event Thursday but with cold enough air in the Hudson Valley clipping northern New Jersey and Connecticut it's rain snow mix then Friday Saturday dry but whole thirty three on Friday overnight Friday into Saturday a lot of wind chills just in the teens very cold pattern this weekend so forty four now forty nine today at noon shallots is a friend of mine lamberti family at a big deal on Sunday they're beautiful daughter Nikki lamberti was proposed to a friend Robert R. game no yeah listen to this guy is one cool character he took over the boardwalk a rye Playland got down on his knee and propose to her our house and I think they're both.

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