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Yeah, the Sunday, she climb all the way into the low nineties with some sunshine isolated thunderstorms may pop up this evening, then dry overnight the low seventy seven, partly cloudy and hot Monday with a high of ninety three there. Maybe the -cational thunderstorm and some rain may fall early Tuesday. Otherwise, partly cloudy with high close to ninety from the Weather Channel. I'm Jeff marr WLS AM eight ninety with another update in thirty minutes. Special report Senator. John McCain has died, McCain passed away yesterday afternoon surrounded by his family at his home in Sedona, Arizona, with the rise of Donald Trump, McCain's Republican party started to change and he did not shy away from sharply criticizing the president, especially on issues like national security. The president offered his condolences, tweeting my deepest sympathies and respect. Go out to the family of Senator John McCain, our hearts and prayers are with you. In Sedona, Arizona. I'm Karen McCain has asked his former political opponents, George W Bush and Barack Obama to speak at his funeral. He has asked President Trump, not to attend McCain, had been held as a prisoner of war for five years in Vietnam. He served two, terms in the house of representatives before being elected, to. The Senate in nineteen eighty six on Friday his, family announced that he had ended his treatment for an aggressive. Form of brain cancer John, McCain called the irreplaceable, American by the Washington Post this morning dead that Eighty-one I'm Christopher cruise Six children. And two adults died when a fire raced through their Chicago home overnight the fire department says. No smoke detectors have been founded the home buyer Commissioner Jose Santiago says the fire began in a second story apartment.

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