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It's funny like you get it. You start working this world and it's it's almost weird to have a favorite team or if any player just because you end up like you know working with so many so many different people so like all the players yeah. I'm just i'm just i would. I would like to see good basketball but yet growing up it was it was the wizards in my favorite player was manager. Nobly obviously not on the wizards but i always felt like i tried my best to emulate relate his game. I felt like i had the euro step down the ugly lefty jumper down <hes> yeah so that's me and then josh billy really from china also wants to know. Have you ever gotten to heated moments or a fight with your teammates in practice. Yeah definitely did me daniel jeffrey. I haven't really got into anyone in the <hes> in college. I got into daniel tofu jalen brunson dante david penzo because i've got into a lot like your whole roster right. I'm very competitive. Sometimes you know that competitive needs to kind of boil over. Luckily all those guys you know we all have great relationships and this friendship so so but yeah i've gone to you know some altercation some teammates but obviously <hes> though your brother than he knows always love no matter what you know. Oh and i think that's what makes teams better. Anyone who's ever played competitively knows like if you're not getting into fights and practice you're not competing hard and do and if you are getting into fights in the you're not able to just move past after you're not you're not brothers moments like that. Show how much everybody cares <hes> and once you're able to get past him i think you you can see a lot of successes that team which probably is a good transition into the next question gregory underscore molina thirty josh how incredible was it to win the the national championship especially in the way that it was done a game winner buzzer beater incredible fashion and also set the table for the listeners might have lived under a rock in two thousand sixteen yeah so so for twenty sixteen with my junior villanova. We want a national championship and which i feel i feel like are run. It was kind of not appreciate okada overlooked because obviously the the first round game. We killed whoever you know with a fifteen seat. Whatever the second seat after you played nine into specific order but among replayed it was iowa miami kansas oklahoma uh north carolina and actually lose in that exact order. We played them in and at one point. Everyone of those teams were in top ten hatton ranking in the country at one point during this season during that time and three were no once canes was the overall number one-seat tournament oklahoma with the number one seed i think and then u._n._c. was the number one i feel like u._n._c. might have had the longest streak number one that season so we be all those teams killed oklahoma about forty four tom that in itself i mean it's the largest margin of victory in a semi final. Hour in the final four is on her. That's not going to get <hes> replicated beaten their record and going to stay for a very long time so we play those guys are nosy played north carolina. Uh and the championship. We were up ten at one point. They came back markus patriot a crazy double clutched three about four or four point seven seconds left and we call it a play that we've run every day in a practice same play that causes head since you really started coaching so play ryan outed the egg you know get screened from daniel chafe oooo chris trails. We never in this play. We've never hit the trail man for three in this house. Who's the reason jason we did chris three other bidder. We wind it all so one. It was amazing to win because you work so hard to to get to that point and to win their last game to be champions <hes> to be the last team out of three hundred and fifty plus teamed and in a country is crazy failing. I can't really kind of put it into words and and is how we want it with. Probably the <hes> tom clutches or the biggest shot. You know i think in basketball history definitely without a doubt n._c._a._a. History <hes> we kris jenkins megan at three was kind of like a story book and into this season for us and it's something that <hes> <hes> always remember remember the friendships and bonds that we have with our team team and it's something that we can talk about for the rest of our lives and we tell our kids and our kids kids that you know for me. It was amazing. <hes> i think definitely the highest point in my basketball career ozzy. Some people think get drafted was not in the national team. I think that it shows more character and more determination and then get drafted so <hes> like as a kind of long winded answer to that that question yet once you start talking about that. It's hard to stop neon. <hes> nine now is like i said i was there for that whole run and <hes> just just being a spectator of it was was pretty a crazy can't imagine how it must have felt playing <hes> so let's i know we kind of hinted at or we talked about danny being this next guest but just <hes>. Maybe let's talk up one more time everyone you know you guys kind of basketball fans. <hes> you know who danny green is. That wasn't always the the story. Danny was later second round. Pick them with the cavs wanted to north carolina round pick with the cavs. I didn't really play guy waved claimed off waivers by spurs six days after claims off waivers got <hes> waived again and went to another g. league lockout year think he had a opportunity to go to spurs and then the lockout route having and then he had to go overseas comeback you know and a lotta times i can break people but you know he no bed bet determination to really live out his dream of planet n._b._a. And raised the highest peter he could for himself who rings man yeah. How do you say that exactly so did that and then obviously found his niche <hes> they you know get back onto the spurs one in a one a m._b. Finals with them <hes> would be a key player. There gets traded to toronto and for one year one in year they wanted to and he was a major role in that and then now sign a deal with the lakers for annually the biggest salary of his career so thirty two at thirty two so you know his story is something i think people should really listen to and be inspired because this is really a story of determination and resilience which i think no matter what your profession is no matter how old you are are how young you are it can inspire you and it can help you find more in yourself and a. and learn more about yourself when you put duties adversities and i think say good episode is able to dive into some of those stories. He's and you know hopefully you can inspire you. Guys aways inspired a us and other people hurt historic before without further ado integrate. Welcome everybody to another.

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