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Booth CEO and chief strategist at quill intelligence some strong strong takes on these markets and this Federal Reserve At first let's go down and get Greg Jarrett We'll get the business flash from mister Jarrett I'm here for you Stocks are a bit higher in a week marked by the dip sell the rally price action It's been volatile Cinnamon got a boost after Chinese lenders lowered the 5 year loan prime rate by a record amount in an effort to boost mortgages and loans and made a property slump and COVID lockdowns Priya mizra TD securities tells Bloomberg there are some concerns the fed will overdo tightening she says they are walking a tightrope When we get to neutrals around two and a half on the funds rate does the fed at that point say inflation is too high and we have to get to three and a half four I think then a recession is very likely Or do they say that inflation is heading somewhat lower and therefore we can tolerate slightly higher inflation and they actually slow down the pace of rate hikes I think that's the big decision that the fed will have to make and that's going to determine whether we head into a slowdown or a full recession S&P is up 9 tenths of a percent of 35 now is up 6 tenths of a percent of 200 The NASDAQ's up over 1% up a hundred 16 the ten years down four 30 seconds the yield 2.85% West Texas intermediate courtesy of a half a percent of one 1272 a barrel coming goes down a half a percent at 1838 80 an ounce The dollar N one 28 13 the Euro a dollar 5 59 pound 24 86 Venezuela creditors are holding a rare meeting in Davos next week to discuss potential opportunities in the oil sector amid increasing optimism for investment in the country as the U.S. floats easing some sanctions The talks are being lubricated if you will by the global energy crisis caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine That is a Bloomberg business flash Bloomberg markets is on now Paul Sweeney.

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