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Great connectivity. With lots and lots of capacity so you know during the super bowl 's go into these facilities these arenas these stadiums and build out massive distributed antenna systems and deploy these networks on another thing that we're doing is we're coupling that network with something called met mobile edge compute or multi access edge compute. So it's basically bringing the ability to have the cloud compute applications closer to the end users so now we can have a fan wearing an augmented reality set of glasses watching the football game. And you know just imagine as the quarterback drops back and he's looking down field. You might see on your screen on overlay. You're watching it real time through the glasses but the overlay might come up of a red zone or area where he's completed more passes than the other area you know and then you actually see him. Deliver the pass to a certain area so those kinds of things are really neat. I think it was not this past super bowl super bowl before. Don't quote me on the one hundred percents here. It was that one. But i'm pretty sure it was where we deployed meg in onside elta at a stadium and we had wide receivers with not during the game. Of course they had on virtual reality glasses and they were able to use the camera on the glasses to see you know just basically to be able to see through the camera. They are actually seeing an augmented reality. You know picture and they were able to throw and catch a pass real time. So what enables that is quick compute or low latency so if you have applications where you need really low latency verizon's also bring into the mix this of putting compute out there with the network so some of those types of experiences that were starting to deploy and develop in. You'll start to see very very soon in places like nfl football games. You can just imagine the benefits of doing something similar to that in the plant for a real time. Enterprise top of experience wow. That's very interesting. Will tony this has been very informative again. I appreciate you coming on. Shell will be sure. And include your linked in contact information in a show of so all the geeks out who were listening and understood. Half of what you said can contact you directly. Some of it was a little bit over my head but again thanks for coming on the show. I wanna thank everyone out there for listening and again i wanna remind you this podcast would not be possible if it were not for our sponsor anderson hauser. Please tell them. Thank you for sponsoring this show by going to our. Og an interest in hauser website which you can find the link to a show knows and register for monthly giveaway there you can also follow us on linked in and twitter and contact info you can find in.

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