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Probably already know that in order to keep this academic project we're doing the omnibus going. In our time. You know we needed a source of outside funding. Yes and you. And i just want some corporation to step up weyerhaeuser omnibus our. I love it. You pronounce that. We're hauser texaco. How you've lived in the northwest your most of your life. You don't know how to pronounce weyerhaeuser. Is that right warehouse warehouse. It's gotta why though. Yeah but it's a don't say silent. why warehouse. I'm a stickler for the y you can. You can like dip down into the y. A little bit weyerhaeuser. But it's just saying. I'm gonna d. l. us island why weyerhaeuser warehouse. But yes. yes. I keep thinking that there's got to be some corporation that is also dedicated to the preservation of of history. That may be otherwise. Lost a time that could underwrite the show at the level of. Whoa what. what would we say. Well how how much would it cost for us to sell our souls to to a major corporate. I think we can do the show for thirty million thirty million like that's it that's all that's and that's everything top to bottom but think about think about the exposure that they would get Sure two times a week you know the incalculable omnibus sponsored by texaco. He can my episode. Today is on the refinement of kerosene. It's on about solar panels and also how bad the absence alignment changes a hoax. As we know in the absence of corporate sponsor we've had a grassroots movement of like minded individuals who support the show every month on our patriotic. We recognize that a hive mind is is as good as a corporation better better. Because there's no there's no marketing or public relations person to emails. There's hundreds of them have no power so we can just laugh at the emails and delete them. I wondered why felt such a sense of overwhelming common. It's true we never get a single email anymore from somebody saying. Hey we're gonna need you to get up at six and get on the hop on a call right people. Nobody wants us to hop on a call anymore and it's great. Although one of the perks we offer at a certain tier of we're not above prostituting ourselves. In any way well no early in any way things on the table. I will prostitute myself but there are limitations John if you at the washing bear level of donation at our patriotic john. We'll give you a lap dance and i will do an omnibus topic of your choice. You know give you. I won't take my jeans off. It'll be like a jeans on lap dance. your lap can be a close flap or an unclothed. A lab dance is i will provide the lab. I yeah i see and they have to dance on. You can dance in my lap. You're so generous. That's what giving a lap dads should be. I've got a killer lap as the thing. Yeah you've probably been santa. i was santa. Seattle's indie rock santa for over a decade in your lap got used once a year. It'd be out in fact There are there's at least one couple coup got married as a result of meeting on my lap. Yeah a couple of a couple of visit you you. You spread your legs. A little and they slid into each other and history was made one of them was a rather large fellow and one of them was a more dominion to the sized fellow. And i you know. And i was definitely santon. That was like you know. The more the merrier. So you know. Sometimes i'd have eight or nine people kind of all sitting on top of me. All sort of have a wiggling. It was a good time. The crazy thing is before they sat down on your lap. That christmas eve they were both straight. That's right and they looked at each other. It's a christmas miracle. They looked at each other across a crowded lap. And they're just the romance sparked and they're married to this day there they're happily still fact. I see one of them in in our book group. Is that why there is a prominent gay bar. On capitol hill called john roderick slap. John roderick slaloms. There has to be a story. I thought every time. I walked by oriental. Yes kind of a sort of a daddy leather bar now but yeah. It was originally christmas. Themed around any roxana. You know it. It did happen late at night in bars i had. They would put a big thrown originally at the crocodile. And then it moved around. And i would sit there and i had my santa suit on and they would just lineup and i was never happier. Frankly never happier in my line to santa privileges from john. You can suggest a topic for omnibus to cover and we will collaborate. So i if we get a list that feels like homework. I don't. I don't like i don't know about you. I like guidance. But like an assignment i like. I like some strictures. But i don't wanna feel like i'm writing a report for you a few times. People have made suggestions and in researching those suggestions. I found a different show. And i feel like that qualifies. They gave me a prompt. And i a leopard in germany. Funny place where we could do it of yellow out. I think we if we discussed the suggested topic off iran. But these are these are patriotic perks. for our supporters. And so we want to make it clear to everyone listening that it's actually really great and we totally take your idea in it and it makes the show better and so we have a queue of people who have given at the washington level this year. We're we're knocking out there. They're show ideas. And here's here's what. We received from one tom the dignity. I don't know if i'm saying that right. i'm digging. There may be a silent. You like the y. And weyerhaeuser is that. Where's the where's the you in that between the d. And the i d d do Tweeden do weeknd. Tom dewey dean and it could be french doin. Y'all when y'all tom do aletha rights. I have one thing that has always bugged me this idea for a show top. He only has one thing that bugged him play. If only we had a serena life as tom from ireland forty things in this room that bugged me. I'm irish but have a keen interest in north america. What is it with names. i'm talking about what is it with. us names. I'm talking about things like using the initial of the first name with the full second name for example. See montgomery burns this example. Right right right. I get particularly riled up by something like tom digging in the third or tom digman junior. This isn't found in the rest of the anglo saxon world to the best of knowledge. I'd like to know the origin of this. This feels like a male thing too but are there female equivalents your sincerely t joseph.

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