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Let's put this to rest one once and for all. He so he has a problem with his resume. And I don't know, I I just I just want to know who John Aw, stuff is, and he was also he was also deceitful and not forthcoming about money that he made from China. And then, when he was asked about it, all he did was attack David Perdue instead and tried to dodge questions about that, and by the way, who asked him about it. Same guy. Same guy. You'd expect Peter Doocy, the only person on the campaign trail daring to ask even remotely interesting questions of these Democratic candidates. He asked about China and the money that he made there and his failures to disclose and he just pivots to attacking David Perdue. When you would think like, like two Democrat and Republican voters alike, the extent to which you're compromised and the extent to which you have fealty towards China rather than America. Those who would all be like really compelling questions to assess whether I should vote for a guy. Yeah, Yeah, but But this get back to that that point that we've been making this weekend and is an important point this morning as we look back, and we do a postmortem The deck. The deck is definitely stacked against Republican candidates here in November, and certainly now when it comes to the way the media handles all of us, there is a concerted effort to push Democrats over the finish line. Protect them from themselves. And in trying wound Republicans substantially a zoo. We head into these elections. Yeah, and even and I know we had to go to trial but just very quickly regarding John Ausaf, even CNN back. Let's see a couple of years ago when, after John Ausaf here, 2017 went after John Ausaf before padding his now high level national security clearance, which she only had. He apparently only had a security clearance, although they question whether was high level and the only held it for five Months before he left Hank Johnson staff, and there's also some questions about his documentary filmmaking as well. So there's a lot of questions about this guy. And even when you have Washington Post and CNN questioning this, not that long ago, right all of a sudden now it's okay. 5 15 that time for W m A L traffic and weather every 10 minutes. First in the five years Lisa Beeton in the carpet cleaning traffic center collision on the Suitland Parkway. That's out, banded super enrolled in traffic is able to get through without any major consternation. Looks like in battle. The Student Parkway, Everything's open and moving 95 in Maryland and Virginia. That's rolling smoothly. Nothing to report in to 70. How about a 35 minute ride between Frederick and Rockville? That'll work now from garage door repaired calm..

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