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Sometimes we'll get stalled. Sometimes we get sidetracked. When we walk with Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to the destination that God the father designed for us. The results are better than we could ask for or imagine. And now here's your host. Terry Modique. Do you need to hear Jesus say to you. Be Not afraid. That's what I want to help you here today. And I'm going to share with you how to conquer fear how to move from fears grip on you to holy boldness. To the courage that God, the father created you to. Yes, He created you to have no. He made us in his image. Take a look at the courage that Jesus had. He was condemned when he was persecuted when people spoke unkindly about him when people argued with him, and when he went to the cross courage through and through. The kind of courage that made him determined to keep ongoing. And at the same time to have peace about it. That's what he wants for you in your daily life. Now let's go look at the root causes of the fears. That God wants to free you from. There is the type of fear which often exhibits itself in outright anxiety. That comes from Dabbling in the occult..

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