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The top of the wall just so that it comes back then yeah yeah it was pretty clear that it only i'm. I'm not disputing that. It wasn't yeah it's just like man. How can you be that unluck if he hits it three literally three more inches literally inches. Three more inches. That's a home run but you know if you can get him role. How about the delano to shields. Look his dad out there. I like that little acquisition. I think of moore's death piece a nice benja nice bench gloves slash pinch-runner and if he gets a couple of hits just like hey we'll take that as gravy well. They're looking at him as not a solution but part of the puzzle and solving the left-hander problem. Yes because we even look. We saw this in game one. It didn't get talked about much because there was. It was so quick the way that everything happened. And we're on the air as it's happening in trying to look talk into this microphone while you're watching a game is if it's a skill it's a skill i have not acquired yet Because generally i start watching the stop talking. Because i'm paying attention to the game and they don't like management doesn't like when you stop talking into the microphone. I can see why but the cardinals were super quick to get their righty starter out of there. Yeah he was struggling a little bit but most of the time they'll stick with the guy a little bit longer saint louis. Oh lefties yoga. Yeah it's time for the lefty and this guy. This guy has been on the probable starter list for a while but the first started for detroit tomorrow as a young lefthander tyler alexander. Yeah i kind of. I mean it's kind of a joke in sarcastic but also kind of serious if you're an opponent of the reds why not go get a person who can throw a ball left-handed who has a pulse right we've seen it doesn't matter old wiley. That's like young guys right up from the minors. They just struggle. The lineup is not built. Guys who've been overseas yeah. Adrian samson matt moore guys who didn't even pitcher last year adrian samson when the cubs face the reds that was his first. Start of this coming back from korea. Guys that have just gotten out of the california penal league looking at the major league movie movie. Dvd in here. Yeah so hopefully that snaps out of it. A little bit against left-handers. I think they get another one saturday. Don't they have. I was trying to look at the probable starters the other day like i mentioned alexander on friday saturday. They're going up against roy. That boyd lefty. And then they got the young fireballer in casey mayes on sunday. Who is a righty. But he's a pretty good righty. That's not oil cam boyd. Now.

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