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Once wants harley realized it was a rib he showed up at monday night raw and when he green an hour on a yeah that that was a cyber giving the taser the the the most scared to say in oklahoma sometime party in alabama too scared more scared. Did i ever saw anybody was harley. That goddamn taser chasing teddy long hardy low teddy long and dan what's not to love theodore and that i think he had a switch net down thing where it was shock you but it also could be just flip a switch or just made the noise of being shocked. You know what i'm saying. They're scary noise so he get by and teddy not even the elect juice on and make the noise the <hes> of the taser behind his ear inertia. He never seen a man run so fast mussa fast teddy he's gone. He's died and he and he you would do that. When i was a great parts of earlier around he always made thanks guys. Were just happy to see him. He did shit like that to just you know honoring this but he still was that <hes> that loving guy that that over the daycare that just never quite grew up and he loved the st that we talked about the cars the boats you know <hes> is side deals. It's entrepreneurial chip so i don't know he just he was a guy he he was very offended. He took a lot of pride in those cookouts he after the guys they did for years ears hit do cooked a brisket or bunch of ribs or something that make desserts and all that stuff and he had a pool table in his basement so he would play pool and drink beer eat tiller their gluttony <hes> so but he was such a great host and he will love being around the guys is he loved the wrestling business. He loved the people in the wrestling business and it was always proud that he was one of them. Not only was just one of them. He he was the best one of them all because he was a traveling orel champion. He didn't work the money not r- r. a. w. this or whatever he he traveled the world working several nights a week globally with travel not nearly as refined as it is now and all all those things but he he was last really over the top successful traveling champion and you can't compare to buy in today's market to that because as much as i would like to say how many days a year they worked themselves martyrs. It wasn't nearly like it was his era. It just wasn't travel. There was a lot more challenging then than it is now and he was just i saw rik smits is recruiting are talking today about harley or do record a show. You know that that was the whole thing. The boys respect harleys overwhelming because rick did that traveling to he knows exactly last like i had mini mini conversation the late jack brisco about that and understood his side of it. Nobody likes those extended. Stay away from home and they're trying to monetize every night's pay as best they could good and they did that to the side deals and they do that cardi deal with baba and they did it by getting over and sell them tickets and ernest pay days. Let's <hes>..

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