CBO, Health Insurance, Senator Marco Rubio discussed on The Joe Pags Show


Download the free iheartradio app today is so what a great pleasure and privilege it is for me to be back this is one of those shows where i'm going into it looking at this little show sheet thing that i create realizing there is no way i'm gonna get through even half of all the stuff that i wanna talk with you about today but we'll do our very best and point let's let's start off with a couple of big news stories here first of all it appears that the congressional budget office in doing their scoring of the senate health care bill and i'm going to lead this out here for you and we'll go into it in more detail in the next with a special guests but what they seem to have done you know how they said had the cbo said that the senate healthcare bill was going to cause some number of millions fewer people to have health insurance nine or ten years from now and so when you say fewer twenty two million fewer americans with health and terrance well twenty two million fewer than what and it turns out believe it or not in what i think is just one of the most egregious examples of professional malpractice that really i've ever heard of from a government agency what they did was with the cbo did was compare share their estimate for the number of people who would be getting insurance through medicaid of the individual market the obamacare exchanges the compared it to their early twenty sixteen estimates but in fact cbo had new numbers actual numbers for the number of people who bought health insurance on the exchanges over 2016 which was much lower than they had estimated and the didn't use the real numbers for their comparison they didn't use actual 2017 numbers to compare their for the senate bill to instead what they used was just so shocking i can't even believe it instead what they used was erroneous 2016 estimates and when senator marco rubio asked the cbo will uae did you do that apparently the answer they gave him based on what he told reporter was they said they're busy oh my goodness wow now the.

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