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To be through three o'clock in the morning, but you answer from is just what I had to say, how me get to where I need to get through to my dad on number one fan, man, this man sports always there for me. They add today, no saying and being young and being so supportive and keep me in sports. I wanna thank you so much. Man always be enough for me, man. And even in the games every game I play you as always loud you could. You can lift it up and carry it all those carries. They had all season long. The wisdom. He grandmother said, where would carry you carry this back to Gladys, I will. Well, right now Benny Snell. His numbers are better than Henry. Now it's early Henry really won this award late, which is when you have to win the Heisman Trophy, you don't award it in September and early October. You can position yourself and certainly Benny Snell has done that more phone calls at eight, five, five to four to seven to eight five. Glad you are with us and Jordan is in New Orleans. Jordan. Thank you. Good afternoon. Well, doing great. Thank you. Hope. Hope you're having a good day. I'm doing good. I was listening to you this born in. I'm trying to see you. They say, oh, how you got the best chance of beating them. They are your stayed only these TCU in Penn State. Those nail biter, but I'm LSU. That's the. That's the team right there in the SEC. What else we gotta do show you that we go, v them besides, we go eat them, but Florida, we're going to be there and we're going to beat them. Georgia makes me. So I'm just trying to put that respect on his union. I say, Joe, the best quarterback in the nation, but hey, he getting it done for right now. You got the best corners. Best defense. I'm just, hey, just watch out because respect and there's, you may. Was in Jordan to be determined. I don't know. Next two weeks. We'll start figuring out whether LSU is a legitimate top five team or not. You think they are right. Right, right before Clinton and before and before I used to be. I'm sorry, I, you know, I, I will come around to your side and a couple of weeks, but I'm not quite there yet. Ethan, is up next good afternoon, Ethan. Paul, how are you doing? Great. Thank you. Hi, I was at all from southern miss game this week, and I wanted to get your thoughts.

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