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You know it's it's and it's not just wrestlemania wrestlemania week because there were over seventy five shows in orlando pro wrestling shows over like the or five days between what say i think if poster from mike wednesday into next wednesday from number you know so so it's just like there's with with so many terse him can't everybody and their mother as promoting wrestling all through from from literally they were show starting at noon and in the last show everyday would start it as like midday would've midnight shows that was going to two thirty three am so it's like wall to our rush when all over the city and and some great you know wrestling actually there's there was probably better matches on somebody shows been will be as wrestlemania so now is is this all wwe saying kinda they'd independent read or adrian windsor from from their skipper to be there were the two companies from and one there were companies from all over um united states that run shows and a lot of those a lot of the company's will make more money for their shows this weekend in all make you know like on but to me the six months to a year combined because you know so many people's and and the people also by to merchandise and so so yeah you know take yeah there's there's quick companies in england but there was company wanted pitcher sixteen hundred people and did incredible amounts merchandise on a show on thursday afternoon at noon so how does vince handle somebody else might not says apple he's not happy with it he date they actually made a play.

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