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Prima coming up next we'll talk about sunday's top reform and what can't mookie betts do these he's slow locker room on espn radio and the he espen the an app this the locker one espn radio the is painted up we are presented by progressive insurance guest appear via the show pens all performance line yes purina's presented by progressive insurance customers who swiss progressive save an average of five hundred dollars caller court today to find out if you could save hundreds on your car insurance that was adam theme in sunday's top performer thank you everyone for voting in the poll on twitter at espn rare he had 6 as you'd be eight receptions for one hundred sixty six yards at one touch down in the vikings big win at washing thirty eight to thirty two scores a little bit closer than the game indicated so as you're watching this game bed you i think that we we all are kinda waiting for maybe the vikings office to slow down it really has it and part of that has been case khiam twenty twenty one of twenty nine for three or four four tosh i've had a couple better exceptions the vikings able to run the ball well aussie adam feeling as you're watching that game were you surprised as i was about how well the vikings offerings continues to quick oh i think it's a big credit to mike zimmer i if you look at as i watched the season kinda get started with the minnesota vikings they were kind of a train wreck at the quarterback position because teddy bridgewater is not ready yet sam bradford took a beating last season was just getting molly walked game after game and so he comes out and then his knees given him issue so he's up he's down in case kinam kinda gets just thrown in there and took to his credit and i think the mic zimmer's credit here's a team that's thriving as they head into the playoff run here with a quarterback situation that is absolutely uncertain and and mike zimmer was was vague at best with his comments after the game about who is going to play or whether bridgewater is going to get a shot i i.

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