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They compare it to a sea urchin, not sure enough. I see that or not, but has all these founders. These things come in and pass through this. This center section get measured pretty cool talking about the mission goals. Probably pretty clear at this point, but it is to trace the flow of energy that heats and exceleron the solar krona and Solar Winds. We spoke about this on our son episode, the krona. We don't really understand why it's hot as it is super, super heated, and that is the thing it's getting hotter and exceleron out and Gus out for the solar wind. Yeah, the process is not really understood. So hoping to put such set some light shed some light on it, sorry. So sorry, looking to determine the structure dynamics of the plasma magnetic field at the source of the Solar Winds. That's what a lot of these instruments are about measuring what particles are. Actually in this Ola win, what is it actually off-putting, how fast they're going, and then to explore mechanisms, accelerate and transport energetic particles. So why the moving the way that they are, like you said earlier, the sun is this central part of our soldiers was the reason that we're here, but they're so little. We understand about so many things that are that are mystery, and so the Wednesday, the same thing, it defines the size of the solar system and we don't this so much that we don't know. I really hope and I think NASA hopes the Parker. So the probe is going to answer those questions over the course of its seven year mission, and we should talk about the mission and the trajectory is it's pretty interesting. We mentioned the speed at which they were escaping earth. It's going to be add Venus very soon and the craft they're going to use Venus in a series of seven fly bys to gradually shrink its orbit around the sun. So again, we spoke about Juno coming out and then going in circling. Duper in the coming back out, and it's very similar to this the the proble circle Venus and go into the sun and over these passes get closer to the sun and faster as slingshots back around. Like you said, it's well within the orbit of mercury, seven times closer to the sun than any spacecraft has come before. Thanks all the technology and its heat shield, and we're talking total. Everything is nominal twenty four orbits of the sun and is going to be moving much faster than any other spacecraft at a rate of four hundred and thirty thousand miles per hour. That's notably fascinating else including Voyager. But even then that that orbits are gonna take eight days because the sun is enormous. Yeah, using Venus to right. Like the boy, the dynamics of doing orbits and or like orbital mechanics. So counterintuitive in so many ways and yet so clever and what. They're doing to use those use those venusfly buys to to get things to get tighter and tighter and tighter, but that's all you can do. Right. You can't load up enough propellant to get an exactly the right orbit be cost prohibitive, but you can use the other objects in the solar system to steer you where you need to go. And that's what it's doing here. Yep. So so there we go that is the the solar probe, longtime coming out. I think we're gonna learn. We're gonna learn a lot. It's gonna take time. Obviously it's going to be out there for a long time doing stuff. But you know the exciting thing about science in these articles, you hear the scientists talking like we, we're going to run into things that we have no idea about. And that's exciting to learn how you learn new things in the the sun. As I said before, going out and limb here, the sun is important and we don't know as much about it as we should. And so now we're going to have a better idea. So if you will learn more, we have a bunch of links in our show notes at relay Dada. Fim slash liftoff, slash seventy eight while you're there. You get touched with us via Email, of course, or you can follow the link over to our tumbler where Jason, I post links stories bus based in between episodes or you're gonna find us on Twitter. Jason is j Snell you can find me there is I s h until our next for Jason sake. By everybody..

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