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I had to do so for my kid. Who like most donuts. I get didn't eat the damn thing and it just got wasted but the thought that counts. I and my jose young's is here do you mind. Of course i got my food donor. I represented dunkin. Donuts all the way out here so it's not a lot out here United to go find some for national donut debt which we found out before we got started in nineteen thirty eight to support world war one. So if you hate the troops. Apparently you won't eat a donut today. Que did you eat a donut. No today you go. Did you get your clinton headlines. Get your quick headlines ready. Go ahead freeman everyone in your paid artists. All right do what you don't even got you a birthday this is. This is tomfoolery. Yeah aka naked birthday happens to fall on national donut day. It's amazing forgot. Yeah maybe that's why forgotten. I've forgotten i don't k- outside of Neglecting the donut. Where i'm ex. I'm excited we're back is we're back all the long national nightmare back after. No you have seen what did what did you do with your with your lives. Last weekend i mowed the lawn and help my parents move in got a dog. That was my weekend. The holy trinity a lot. I just prep for this preview. Show all week. Yeah the whole way. I know every time lights. I sent you a message. You were just like yours preview. show like no case. I'm just saying hello. I'm just saying how are you doing. You're just like oh and then you don't bother me. Let's preview show all right. Okay let me let let us test this theory. Because that will kind of segway into like what. We're going to discuss things off casey. What is the first fight of the night. Is the opening bell peeking over the apology. Page one my boy. The boy boy rocked modifier boy version of jordan. Necessarily i murdered matt wyman. Yeah yeah i love it yes. Yes versus claudio. Play good okay. That'd been too tough. I guess he would know the answer that he produced produced that interview jordan love. You can watch on our youtube page so good for you. Casey really have spent the time prepping for this card and it might be a good thing for the casual anime fan because the afc is back with a an interesting card of course all signs point to next weekend you'll see to sixty three in glendale. Arizona gets two title fights the two rematches outta sun versus the we got figured over some marino to for the flyweight title. Of course leon edwards versus nate diaz. But this saturday's a different story. We have heavyweights colliding. In the main and the co main event main event being jars in euros strike versus augusta sky and aka going to begin with you talked about this on between the length yesterday. If you told me a year ago that augusta skies next two fights inside the octagon would be main events. I would at least look at you funny. I might not laugh in your face. But i might just be like. Don't really know if that's true but it turns out that is the world we live in. What do you think of this matchup to headline the ufc's return tomorrow am i. Am i jumping the gun. I never going to talk about other mastercard. I'm jumping the gun here by saying why wise martian to not in the main event is that wrong for me to ask. Is it an absurd question to ask. The man is on a a war fight win streak for i know who i know. He went four. No in two thousand twenty. I remember he got gotta win before that but he is on one of the longest streaks in the heavyweight division he took business You know they match someone. Greg hardy pretty high profile fight given hardee's Fame or notoriety. However you want to put it so that was a nice win yes are so one last four so he's only behind franson new and ceo. Gone when it comes to win streak so I don't know i even you say if you'd be year ago if you asked me now about the kai rose droopy innovate event. I find it strange. Both coming off losses. it's not. It's not like jersey. No performance was like super exciting. I understand. I think the four heavyweights in the top. Two fights stars in us kind of the biggest name of the four. But i don't know they like walt harris. It seemed like him he could have been to. I don't know this whole this whole These top two fights and john is kind of like it. It's an odd way to cap off a usc card. Isn't it so if you were the builder of these cards. You would put wall harris versatile bora in the main event over this one. Yes an tomorrow would be the a side. Jon anik the man. The man around around which this card was built march into burra. Wanna hear that is that wrong. He deserves the listen he does. He's been on good streaky. As quietly amassed this really impressive winning streak harris five hundred. Oh what was his last loss though. I don't remember you were there. Ak i'll give you that here. Yeah got out and fifty nine seconds by well. The one and only vendor coach center looking now september twenty one thousand nine hundred a lifetime ago happens for a year and a half whatever he he's he's bounce back in march into burrow on your birthday. Ak how do you not remember. I i again. I see against the effect on my birthday makes me forget all these things that was so long ago how i feel like tabbara has certainly has to past him in the limited to eleventh in the i because all of his wins have been against unranked fighters. He's only lost to raise right. He's he's being unrein's fighters loss to ranked fighters that's literally his ufc career. I don't like this. he should be the main event. I'm sorry. I'm sorry on the positive. I'm sorry i let let's. Let's go to someone else for. I hate sorta on a negative note. I'm sure jose or casey can can explain why or yourself can explain why this is a thrilling main event. I am being unnecessary. Debbie.

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