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And here's another big of cats this with this was my mind hope leave does years as well that even this was even considered to be a problem an arenas had ownership for those of you who may have thought otherwise does not cause mental illness in young people loved we're not there was a story out in a scientific journal a cy college you journal that said that there was a link between catch ownership in young children and sight coast sees as they entered adolescence and i think that's pretty crazy and they're more recent study kind of disprove goal that but i is that amazing that actually somebody thought that that was going to be real that you have to be careful that owning a hat is going to cause you to become crazy i think all contreras having pets are going to stop you from becoming crazy but anyway fortunately this crazy story was discarded and the more recent is that and this is also there's a said fact misses australia place i've never been a tomahawk a list i i'm destined to go when my kids after did or semester braun in now university sydney and shit the best time ever and i was so jealous it you got to go i've never been but honest goes kuala coast they call that were a lot of obviously qualifiers over a what's his sixteen year period from ninety seven to two thousand thirteen there is wasn't eighty percent decrease in call their population and they attributed this to two things everyone some virus especially club media they figure could be or like fires took about i mean the infection of action of action took about half of them but the other quarter of the other half so half of the half cars he's poor quality here's are being hit by cars so for all of you drivers it australia if you know somebody else try to tell the slow down when a driving through the kuala coast that's really set and is also set a given aaron in carroll ten texas i think it's a northern on northwestern part of texas don't don't call me on that basically had to i treated a form of the lhp up for a hair when overdose and fortunately the puck survived is now it was an adoption agency up for adoption to find a new forever home so fortunately.

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