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Therapy dot com. I just love talking to john. La such a great pleasure gift. I feel so grateful to be able to talk to her. You know we have to mother ourselves. I love this. I love this hallway. We can grow and evolve our consciousness. Yes yes yes yes. I love it so i hope you have gotten a lot out of this episode. If you have please shared around we can count on you. You dear listener. You are listening to my words right now to share the episode with friends to share it on social media to send heck's to your friends and let them know what's here and that is the biggest thing that helps us podcasts. And helps more people get these nourishing. Words get these messages. That really uplift us. You know an culture was so much negativity and despair and all that we need these messages that uplift ups and you are an important part of that so please please share. If you've got a lot out of it. I would love to know what you got out of it. Please tag me on instagram. At mindful mama mentor. And i would love to know and i just want to thank you so much for being here. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being part of the growth and evolution of parenting. I am so thrilled for you to be joining me on this journey. It's a powerful one right like yes you matter this matters. I'm yes yes yes yes okay. Well i appreciate you. I'm so glad to connect cannot wait to argue again next week for our awesome friday. Mindful parenting bite. Checkout your podcast player for that short lesson on friday that will dive more deeply into mindful parenting principles and thirty again soon. Thanks so much now must stay among who really has a vision of howard likes to be but my daily life. He seeks to me very contrary to that. I have a very spirited five year old daughter. He tests me no end and i love her to bits for her spirit. Bunch just drives me insane. And this is why i came to the my operating costs because the mom i was being was not the mama wanted to be one of the biggest takeaway from me was the component on listening. We'll be things that. I thought i was doing to make her feel that. Lxi audit worry about it all the time. I thought i was being a good listener. And helping but i once i see the effects of really what most infamous saying. I really realized that. Actually i'm terrible listener end. My responses are terrible so that with a really big iron for me much more than just being a bit of cursing with me and my daughter. It was actually a look more about how to be a better person everybody. I don't see why anybody would not do this. Course and is really really does. If you don't tools and even without being a parent. I mean even with that being the focused on being a parent i just got so much more self awareness and gave me a really good grounding about how to be the person that i want to be and gave you the tools to do that. I really can't speak more highly of it. I'd say definitely too. It's really helpful. It will ensure better better and better as a person as a wave as a spouse. It's been really positive in our lives. So definitely do it and saying it differently to it. It's so the money really is inconsequential. Ring get so much benefit from better parent to use short letting not feeling lucky dowling. Let's find or you lacked rice and peas king. I would say definitely until it. Sorry survey. it'll change no matter what age someone's child is it's a great opportunity for personal growth and his great investment. I'm very thankful i had this. Houston you in your old habits aren't working or you can new tools and in some perspective to everything prepared. Were you frustrated by parenting. Do you listen to the experts. In trial tips and strategies. But you're just not seeing the results that you want or you lost as to where to start. Does it all seem so overwhelming. Too much to learn yearning for community of people who get it also don't want to threaten and punish to create cooperation. Hi i'm hunter clark fields and if you answered yes to any of these questions i want you to seriously consider the mindful parenting membership. You'll be joining hundreds of members who discovered the path of mindful parenting. And now have confidence and clarity in their parent. This isn't just another parenting class. This is an opportunity to really discover your unique lasting relationship with your children but with yourself it will translate into lasting connected relationships. Not only with your children but your partner to let me change your life goto mindful parenting i dot com to add your name to the weightless so you will be the first to be notified. When i opened the membership for i look forward to seeing you on the inside. Mindful parenting dot com..

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