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That that's like those guys did. I mean, honey here head, Nicky. He came in man. He was I mean, my God wanted game, and I mean, just he was just incredible second roll. Um I just don't think our coaches is the head coach. I think he is a defensive. Genius on On day and second of all. Or a third of all, Um, what do you think about our line? I mean, if you are quarterback do you think we get enough protection for him and then for running back, you know, so I'll leave it at that knowledge, you guys Thank you. I love you guys. Thank you. Thank you. We love you back. Wow. So there's not a lot of points. Um, yeah, I mean, chat him. He's been a basically a backup quarterback. With the exception of a couple stands. He did play. Bit. Miami did nice job coming in and replacing Pat Mahomes. Against Cleveland. Uh Heh, Nikki, the young quarterback out of Redskins camp. I thought he did a really good job in the game he played against Tampa phenomenal game You play now starting to worry about. I mean, I was watching Tampa's defense something and you guys can't cover anybody. Now they've played better lately, but That game was like the Redskins have guys run it open and completing passes and I thought the Broncos offensive line improve some this year. Do you think they're still you still? I mean, who's gonna be your right tackle? This year's Juwan James, you know is he gonna opt in? I don't know to the Broncos want him? That's xcom. Interesting to see it's George Payton will be analyzing. Some of those moves, too. But if you look at the other positions, bowls obviously had his best year in his career. Adult riser played hurt quite a bit, but appears to be solid. It left guard He had a rookie who played all 16 games and Lloyd Cushion bury the third. You had you had the you had right guard. You had the kid they signed from the Lions glass cow. Get banged up a little bit. I think he's solid right tackle. We don't know. I thought they were better this year. That they made improvements. As the year went on. I thought they were able to run the ball some I mean, can you get better? Sure. Do they have to get better? Absolutely. Was there too much pressure and dew lock? You bet. Part of that. Part of that is You know, you got to get the ball out of his hands. You gotta get the ball out of his hands quicker. Which you to me. You do with some wide receiver screens and in other creative ways that we from time to time, See? And that's that's you know, that's up to Pat Shurmur. You know the amazing thing about Hi, Nikki is he wasn't on anybody's radar. I believe he was their number four quarterback. He was a backup in the A F a backup. So they didn't even the judges talent to be good enough to be a starter in the A F. He goes out and plays Tampa Bay in a big game in lit it up before they signed him. I thought he was a bartender somewhere. He was out of the game, and he's from Old Dominion of all places. Not a big football school. It was a four year starter, so he's played a lot of quarterback. That that performance was really inspiring to me and really blew away a lot of people. I hope he earned the chance to at least be a backup next year with that team because he really showed something. How can he do that Week to week? No game. The game's no, No, he can't. On. That's how it is in the National Football League. He reminds me a little bit of Ah, he reminds me a little bit of cow slaughter. His game is game. I was thinking Matt Flynn had that one monster game. I think he runs better than Flint. Yeah, He was really good athlete here. He really would. Athlete Matt Flynn had one monster game. And got a huge contract out of it. Maybe even two. He? No. He replaced Aaron Rodgers. And the last game of the season is the Packers had home field advantage wrapped up. He threw for, like 430 some yards? Yep, and he got a three year deal out of that game with Seattle got a 30 million Believe 26 million over three years. 20 Okay, 26 million game an extra 4 26 million and then wound up getting beat out in training camp. He never started for the Seahawks. Wasn't Russell Wilson? Yes, we'll beat him out. And then then you get one more deal somewhere. Somebody signed up somewhere. Yeah, I think he's signed again. Not for that kind of money. My sign E think he sounded the Raiders at one point. He just was. I mean, he made a lot of money, and you'd say at best. He was just sort of a journeyman quarterback, but what it shows you is one game. You can't. You can't put a lot on one game. No, that's for sure. John and Denver joins us 10 20. On care way more job pulling boys and Gavin Morning. Um, I think the Bronco fans as an outsider, I think you guys should just take a chill pill and these very patient and give Drew a lot. The job. Just won't back off. It's only been a year, you know, be very patient with us, right? They just won't enjoy painting from Minnesota in a front row seat to the cut Cousins experiment. How'd that work out Minnesota? I don't think that will play out the chute. And you know, you know, keep the money. And I think this league is getting younger and faster every year as far as the Broncos high up because you know John Elway. Maybe next year he's done. Maybe Joe else is gone. But the one name I haven't heard, which is sitting out there, biding his time He stayed Manning and they I know you hate it when I say that, I think sometimes the NFL six but that play flag in the NFC championship game came right from the back pocket of CBS. Thanks a lot another today. Thank you. Yeah, that was the That was an unfortunate call for the Packers. I mean, clearly clearly. Was holding. The issue that I would have with that is they've let stuff go the entire game. I mean, the Green Bay receivers. We're getting mugged from time to time. And Over six penalties called that entire game. But I can't you know, you go back and look at that. And that's the same dude on coverage they get beat on the late in the first half. Scotty Miller. That's that's King will get beat on the opening drive by Mike Evans..

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