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You think of all those funds things but did you know that some boutiques also have high end but lowcost foods to snow leopard boutique four hundred less international airport wrote with got that honeycomb color building telling you i lean and in her grandson gunner in it's a family affair and they got some staff and the like family they patriot cheese donating she donated to the alaska zoo to the snow there's actually a new snow leopard the animal what they named their business after she donated a bunch she'd she didn't want me to say anything but i'm going to say it anyway lotta money to them she loves the alaska zoo she loves them veterans she donated to the semper fi fund the marines she donated to valor core and the midnight sun firearm exhibition which her grandson gunner they went and they loved it and low voter turnout lessening but gunner ran sunday island snow leopard would take he loved it he and his body went they said they had a blast no pun intended very fun but you go over the snow leopard boutique mentioned the time anderson show they're going to doda on you know matter they even give you a coffa they got a gorgeous confirmation in the back no they're not selling that because we like to run in get coffees but home the core furniture art clothing highend clothing fair price they've got pacific green furniture sure but the food they've got joe's tease iced tea lemonade they've got the bone dr barbecue sauce as rick talked about this yesterday we had ribs yesterday i had ribs at rex barbecue out here on the valley but rick miller can our producer said dude and he's a can of a rib khanna sort of barbecue sauce connoisseur bone dr von arkansas osce's amazing and i've never seen it any place else they've got those moonstruck chocolates articifial made at a portland that's the place to go for gifts and i mean if it's somebody's birthday i mean mothers the i mean father's day i mean the patriots for america this weekend stop in there they're open monday through saturday ten thirty the.

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