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Seven twelve Don gas bar or a visit that's staff sergeant Luis Garcia and he's home for three months in the South Pacific and his brother corporal Edward Garcia in from camp. Wolters in Texas and private Frank ROY ball, son of Mr. MRs Benghazi will ROY ball route one of. Santa Fe earned his wings and boots. He's down army paratrooper for Benning, Georgia. And three new navy waves reported for duty from Santa Fe Marcello violet. Ramsey's a seaman. Second class daughter, Mr. MRs Fidel, Durant of Hancock speech he's going to waves training school or yeoman with teachers college in cedar falls, Iowa Dora Maxwell seaman second class. Also, formerly on the staff at the Browns General Hospital she's assigned to the photographic science laboratory in Washington DC and Marjorie Marie Tucker hospital apprentice second class daughter, MRs D H Tucker west burgers tweets, he's off to the waves hospital corps school and here's private first class. George wild. Thirty three years old one of nine soldiers killed in a ball and crash in California. Well, while native Santa Fe in nineteen thirty seven graduate of Santa Fe high school entered the service nineteen forty four vice parents, that's Robert Weil senior. And this is while the former Alice Connie, by the way, and also by his. His brother Robert Weil probably known best as Bumblebee Bob currently assigned to bomber group in Miami, Florida after two years servicemen, India, Italy and Africa. And sergeant Ramon who settled twenty four years old three or fourteen west Hutton was killed in action. In germany. The Senate veteran masseuse who still do set MacKenzie street graduated from Santa Fe high school in nineteen forty and at the service in nineteen forty two he survived by a widow. The former kookaburra Khaderah metal Cuco was a former fiesta Queen any survived by two brothers, Joe. And Tony Lucero and eight sisters. Mrs Sadie Sanchez and flora Carmen, Louise, Mary Deloris, Virginia and Georgia looser. Mrs Isabel Abreo of four twelve San Francisco burn that. She had lost a second son to the war private first class. Roughly braille just eighteen years old was killed on lady. That's in the Pacific. He enlisted in March nineteen forty four his brother Alex died in the Panama Canal zone in nineteen forty two. In sergeant Bert over just spent three years in the South Pacific visited his brother. John Tiana eight twenty two Allendale before returning to his new post in Salt Lake City. Wartime Santa Fe. Oh, by the way. Did you know that there was a b twenty nine Superfortress bomber named for the city of Santa Fe? That's right. This bomber had twenty three bombing missions over Japan, shot a pretty bad over Yokohama, but the plane always.

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