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KTAR in-depth David stringers done. Yeah. And conservatives around the state or celebrating because there's no more having to try to defend this idiot in idiot who turned out to also be a slimy gross person. I mean, we knew he was in a because of the stupid racist comments he'd made. And then the Phoenix new times gotta tans on court paperwork for Baltimore that shows. He was charged with sex crimes in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. Apparently, the case was expunged and the record should not have been released. But we're glad that the new times got their hands on it. So we could get a glimpse into the mind of David spree stringer, which by the way is not a good place to hang out is a nasty dark place. Details of those charges were kind of unclear the case summer that was published by the new times had blacked out information about victims and witnesses enlists unspecified charges. But it doesn't it doesn't detail. The allegations. However, one entry says charge is child pornography. So it doesn't matter to me if you're making it or you're viewing it whatever. I it's just it's awful that anybody would be anywhere near this stuff. In the news that stringer resigned from the state house of representatives broke late yesterday afternoon. He basically resigned moments before a hearing before the ethics committee was due to begin where he was supposed to turn over some evidence. And just moments before governor Doug Ducey was on KTAR with MAC and Gaydos, I called for Representative stringers resignation in June today, he resigned, and he did the right thing. He spared the state and the legislature convulsions over this issue. And now we can move forward. Yeah. Boy, I have finally the people of Prescott are pretty happy to the mayor press kit like put out like it was like a two line statement. And basically happy about the whole thing. Now Doug Ducey is going to replace David stringer out says his job by county. Board of supervisors will be presented with a list of names. And then someone will be picked among the supervisors, and we'll have a replacement for representatives stringer, and I'm gonna work with everybody in elective office, Republican or democrat the people have spoken. This is our elected legislature. That's my job. So he doesn't actually he's not the actual one to the points that he's he's raised the county board of supervisors, but trust me being the defacto head of the Republican party much. Like, the president is the defacto head of the national Republican party. Doug, ducey's going to definitely be making some suggestions. And it'll here's why here's why conservatives Republicans are excited about this. And Democrats they're glad to see the slime ball go away and not have to sit next to him in the state legislature. But he has to be replaced by a Republican. So it's a it's a win win for Republicans. They get this guy out of their midst who apparently was involved in some way, shape or form and something to do with child pornography back in the eighties. And then just made a bunch of stupid statements over the last couple of years. They don't have to deal with them anymore, and they get they get them replaced by somebody. From the same party. So it's kind of a win win for the Republicans for shirts..

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