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And the person who is the spender is like well. It's not just me. It's the kids I'm in charge of the household. I have to pay all the people that work in our house that I hire I mean. What's your stance? Generally speaking, carry on credit cards. How many credit cards should a person have? On every department and every different airline, or just have to, or like less is more I think it simplifies things I think. I like mileage mileage points. So why would you want them? Spread all over I. Like American Express. I like some kind of visa whether you like to fly, American, are you like? Everybody is a little different whenever they want. I don't think you need so many. I think when you have a lot. My clients have a lot are my overspend. Yeah, because he like Oh this bill was only three grand in this bill was only six this boat. It looks so much better. Little right I one big punch guy think they feel it more and first of all. If you lose your wallet, it's a nightmare for your credit scores a lot of times. People don't realize that. Yeah, it looks like you have a lot of available. Credit can lower your credit score. Even though you don't use it right the way the banks as well. She is available credit of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, combined or two hundred. Whatever the number is between all these cards, yeah! Oh you're not using. Here's a social distancing tip putting distance between yourself and others is critical to slowing the spread of Corona virus, so here are ways to stay in contact without the physical contact part. Call. Send text set up a video conference post on social media. Dedicate a song on the radio. If you have symptoms of fever, dry cough and shortness of breath, call your healthcare provider before going to their office for more Info Visit Corona Virus Dot Gov. let's all our.

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