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Day loyally and at a pretty healthy running street going along those lines in addition to that work life balance and i have to confess. I don't do a very good job else as you're my bio i worship should so i'm trying as i get older could be more conscientious about taking time off really spending quality time especially in the weekends just staying away from the computer in staying with john. Stay away from work. And i had to be outdoors. Learn weather accommodates. Yeah i'm certainly not helping in that aspect right now. So how long have you been running every day yesterday. I can read it. My one thousand and forty first straight may of running two miles a day out a lot of miles i gave up. Running marathons ultramarathons and all of the long distance. Stuff just steady you miles away in that so. I don't run as many miles as i used to. Which is could. I run more frequently. Well good for you. Wow okay well. I have wanting to have you both on the show for quite some time and i'm glad is finally happening. Alex i've known you through a number of mutual connections and laura the same. It wasn't until. I read your bio. That i realized that you haven't been in iowa city all this time laura. Where were all of you living before you came back with city numerous places. I went down to austin texas for a few years and went up to the milwaukee area lived in menominee falls right outside of the milwaukee area and then went to mankato for a couple of years. Mankato minnesota before. We got directed back to iowa city. I think it was about a twelve year. Stay there where we were away. Alex what made you want to move back kind funny story. Because when laura finished her masters degree she wanted to see a little more of the world. And i had lived in a few other places off and on city. But what we were in an kato. We moved four times in a couple of times removed because laura founded era opportunity. Somewhere else. we moved for her job and when she found herself looking for another opportunity in just so happened she got a call a head hunter and as the story goes head hunters. Don't really disclose a lot about the businesses and learn. Our speculating was probably someplace in northern california because head hunters located in washington state so we feel northern california and the day came that laura had great interviews all along in the head was going to just disclose everything telling us about the company and the lord on the phone and was talking to the head. Hunter in head-hunter said something degree of i seen it. You graduated from the university of iowa. Would you like to move back iowa city that looks Promises last time. I'm gonna ask you move. You let go back. I always city hands down. Yes let's go back to natives. Cash was really easy created. Yeah okay so you move back and start your new life back in iowa city and then you learn about wolf balls so before we go into the more detailed questions of just tell us what Says for people might be familiar with it. Sure is high end dog treats. Sometimes i'll compare it to tiffany's tiffany's of dog skits k. Or let's times people will come into our store and call us a doggy candy shop because you walk in and the quality is high but also the appearance of the treats is over the top with more than what a lot of people may have ever seen before in their life. They look like decorated sugar cookies. Humans by themselves for special occasions and we have several customers where it's just a normal routine in their life to come in every week in by these very special treats for their pets..

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