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I'm Laurin Barth old man coming up in sports Red Wings with a good lead against Tampa Bay last night. But the lightning rallied to a victory and the Tigers are going to have to do without starter. Michael Fulmer for a while. Now CBS news covers the world to clock radio nine fifty. WHAT HD two Detroit. CBS news on the hour. Sponsored by progressive insurance. Matt piper four people arrested multiple casualties that word from police in New Zealand where to shootings have taken place in two mosques in the same city. It happened in Christ Church located on the east coast of the country, South Island police Commissioner Mike Bush, the attack is we're apprehended by police staff is been some absolute of bribery, hugely proud of that police staff the way they responded to this rasmin. Allie was inside one of the mosques when this happened in broad daylight blood is. Splashing on me. And I'm thinking, oh, my God is gonna happen to me. Now. But fortunately, I'm alive. A man who claimed responsibility for the shootings left is seventy four page anti immigrant manifesto in which he explained who he is and his reasoning for his actions. He said, he considered it a terrorist attack. President Trump confirms that he will veto the Senate passed resolution to strike down his national emergency declaration correspondent, Nicole Killian soon after the Senate voted to block the president's national emergency for border wall funding, the as or fifty nine the Naser forty-one. The joint resolution is passed. President Trump tweeted I look forward to vetoing the jazz pass democrat inspired resolution. I think all of this strong Republicans who.

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