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John the integrator your brain cells working you are listening to. testers the last the end of quality programming. it doesn't get better than this. we promise we'll get it to market three forty four PM eastern time we pre taped the show before the close of the market will happen for you in a minute but where nineteen eighty eight because guess what. the scientists. how to pivot. we got some hot summers. go figure was hot this summer so all of a sudden we're now being told in eighty eight prepare for a long hot summers. the level of the oceans will now rise anywhere from one to six feet. said the scientist. a NASA scientist. yeah. in nineteen eighty eight we were told. this is coming from. the agency France Presse. that the meld team is on the mound dives those beautiful places where they built all kinds of hotels going to be on the water. then out of the water. but I got to go to. the AP. because in nineteen eighty nine our United Nations. and I'm just quoting them. I can quote the United Nations their environmental project campsite. the United Nations and I quote says. this is an eighty nine rising seas will obliterate nations by the year two thousand. these are.

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