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You heard in the playground and thinking I need to know more or a book that's a bit high up on a shelf and got section in it where you think. Oh. About that, it can even be a medical health. Can you think not sure these pages are intended for me? I. Think there's everybody's got a memory of that and I think. So long as communication lines open. That's probably the best that you can hide for because I. Think the worst thing that kids can walk away from his either feeling. Of Hugely, concerned or frightened or you know confused by it or feeling. So for shame shame as I'm sure you would know lots from all the research into your you know potential customers that shame around around sex those things can last a lifetime actually if from when you really quite young if nobody's there to say well. So much more opening our conversation or you'd like to think. Yeah today. I certainly I'm like, you say it's about that age appropriate compensation. and letting them know that you would ever you action you've taken is to protect them and the you know they're not quite ready. You know from an H. point of year, yeah. And I remember saying to scholar at the time you know this is the things on the Internet on real. They don't represent exactly life you know. Yeah. So Scott because you said she's come to work with you sometimes. So does does she not? Hurt a you your line of work. So business rather than knowing too much about context of it. She she to her she just knows that we do laundry because she sees online. SCREENSAVER So no, she doesn't. She doesn't know about the sex toys. It's not. It's not I'm sure in the future she obviously will. But yeah, she tend nearly eleven. It's probably be incredibly blase brilliantly sort of yeah. Unfazed by everything, which would be a gift is that for a young girl to just be able to walk through that at lessons and teenagers, but they find post things at school don't they? Yeah that's true I. Always. Seem to know more than you think they know I think that's true. But also they're not. They don't need to learn everything from US actually and I think. I'm always reassured when I remember the I'm I am the mother which is a really important role, but I am also just the mother. There's all these other people in the you know all these other. Areas if they can get information and have conversations and. I think that really takes the pressure off me a little bit really when I remember I'm not I don't have to deliver a complete package of the growing up and up to deliver them eighteen. Okay. I've given you all the knowledge you know it's okay for it to come from different places and you know they not on their own about pop growing up is it is it is got to have the bits where it's GonNa bit Wonky and they've also got to do the big and they pushed us away which is you know it's part their but then you come back I'm sure I did well, we definitely have my mom went dreading. NAB It doesn't really work anyway it's fine because then I mean I live ten minutes away from my mom and we've just went away with her a couple of weeks go and it's like I think I think. Yeah go notable a boy Oh boy is just A..

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