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Is NBC the national broadcasting company. And that's the adventures of Frank Mary. Well, from may twenty second nineteen forty eight with the mystery of the iron door starring Lawson's Irby with Harlow Wilcox doing the announcing on that is heard on NBC four we tune into the Jack Benny program. I do want to remind all of our listeners about remind magazine. And I have the latest copy of remind magazine in my hands. And look this on the cover of that, you know, that is my John Wayne young John Wayne, and you know, who that is right. Marilyn Monroe Monroe. Yeah. Now, this is a salute to our troops. There's all kinds of stuff about the USO. There's articles about John Wayne. Jayne, Mansfield, Marlene Dietrich and Margaret Marilyn Monroe Raquel Welsh. Bob Hope Manny, Manny more, and there's all kinds of posters games. Crossword puzzles. And of course, I wrote my article, I write an article every single issue of remind magazine this time, I wrote. About command performance. Command performance was a really Fun Radio series. That was broadcast to our troops overseas. It was actually not heard in the United States. It was it was actually produced for our men and women fighting overseas and all the big stars on it in a very interesting radio series. So hopefully, you'll have a chance to pick up. Remind magazine and read my article, we also have our full schedule right next to our article. And it's it's a really great magazine if you like nostalgia and movies, classic movies, and TV and trivia, games comics, if you like all of that like, I do like Mike dozen Lisa you're really gonna like remind magazine. So good fun magazine. Full color. It's like sixty pages long, and you can pick it up at any Barnes and noble store or any WalMart store. But the best way to get remind magazine is at their website. Just go to remind magazine.

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