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Even grey last night i went to say tomb raider having me disappointed with the two previous outings over fifteen years ago i had my fingers and toes crossed that this would be better the previous films look good but suffered from major plot issues and gerald butler thankfully i wasn't disappointed they they also have major production issues but they have managed to make a decent film based on a video game this is the film that angelina jolie wished she had made all those years ago and this is an excellent laura croft you believe in the character and the life that she is chosen the set pieces a great on the big screen with the tomb looking the part with all the tricks and puzzles in place the supporting cast a good job with daniel wound kristin scott thomas standing out the most refreshing part was that there was no love interest for lara croft no hint to one even being introduced i'm glad the director didn't see the need to have one hopefully this does well enough for sequel as i'd love to see this i new tomb raider on the big screen again status has some good points about lara croft which is which is out yesterday actually so we have nine minutes left no you have many treats for okay so mary magdalene the another film which are both you and i've seen biblical drama opening in the runup to easter presumably hoping to repeat the box office successive passionate the christ which went onto i think the biggest selling independent selling non english language blah blah blah blah blah you know of mary matlin looks unlikely to set the world like in that same way it's essentially a people revisionist tackle that's not entirely fair take on the figure of mary magdalene who for centuries was characterized by western christianity as essentially a full in women i think was the term they used despite the being absolutely no basis for this whatsoever the claim apparently dates back to poke gregory who declared her to be a penitent prostitutes in the year whatever it was twenty one i think five hundred ninety one i think what seventy years between frames by his entry exactly and so the it's also an idea which is found paul.

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