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Jim burris Thank you for listening We are here in the penultimate day The next to last day of our member drive in the final moments And the group beyond plastics is out with a new report today that says in the next decade plastic will emit more climate changing greenhouse gases than coal fired power plants A conversation with the on plastics president Judith Enoch the former EPA regional administrator discusses why she thinks plastic is the new coal That approach to an essential story and all the stories will hear this hour are pretty typical of what you expect from public radio every day So today on the next day of the drive we're asking you to pitch in to help pay for the vital information that you rely on And we have an extra incentive for you for doing that here to give us the details And an update on the member drive is my colleague ayesha Hyman vice president of business development here at PBA Welcome back Thank you Jim Thanks for having me Well so far we've raised 86% of the goal for this fall member drive We made great progress so far but we still have a ways to go to finish this drive successfully We are in the final moments of fall member drive and we absolutely can do this gym to help us get there We have today's special incentive a special drawing when you give right now you'll have a great chance of winning a $1000 REI gift card your chances of winning right now are pretty great They're one in 38 because it's based on the number of folks that we've heard from for this drawing And since we are in the final moments of the member drive this is our very last this is our final gift card This drawing is open to those who give right now and before the end of all things considered so please help us out right now make that contribution and maybe this is your first time supporting ABE We'll let that be your extra bonus W a B E dot org slash donate is our website to make your gift.

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