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A rally in San Leandro, the Bay Area ahead of President Biden's visit to the state. Come in the next few days. The deadline to vote in the recall is Tuesday. Candidate Larry Elder was attacked on the campaign trail in Venice Beach today, nearly hit in the back of the head with an egg, a woman in a gorilla mask, throwing an egg at the African American candidates, then punching one of his staffers. Other was campaigning in Venice speech has become a flashpoint for the debate over how to care for the homeless community in California. The Chamber of Commerce says the continued restrictions the border are hurting the San Diego economy. Kenya is temporary bet with the chamber delivering reports of the Central City Council's Economic Development Committee here today. At least 200 businesses in semi theater alone have closed the doors permanent me, and they have attributed that specifically to non essential travel restrictions. The ports of entry again. This is just Semi cedar, which is a small district right at the border, Zamarripa saying. In addition to the restrictions on tourism, hurting local businesses, the chamber says, increased wait times are hurting travel for the essential workers and going beyond calling for the borders to be reopened. They're also asking for clarity on the timing and planning instead of just the monthly updates in the Department of Homeland Security, the man arrested for killing his kids in Mexico. The fishing spears now facing charges here in the U. S. Will be charged in San Diego. A 40 year old man out of Santa Barbara Matthew Coleman is being charged with two counts of foreign first degree murder of U. S nationals and by law, he is eligible. For the death penalty. NBC seven, says federal prosecutors here in San Diego to charge him with killing his two year old son and 10 year old daughter, both U. S citizens in Rosarito, Mexico, with a fishing spear back on August 9th. Said he believed his Children are going to grow into monsters because his wife possessed serpent D N. A. The council can do provide increased medical care for inmates here in San Diego. We're talking $25 million the higher 160 staff members and to start this comprehensive program for treatment, everything from medication intake assessments, behavioral, mental health therapy and then connection to resources for people. Once they get out of jail, we're going to spend the money either way, we're either going to spend it on you. Continuing to come back and break the law and get incarcerated and get released and break the law and get incarcerated and released or we're going to spend it on. Maybe helping you get well not come. Back chair, Nathan Fletcher stood alongside San Diego County under Sheriff Kelly Martinez and behavioral Health Services director Dr Luke Bergman to announce a plan to add more clinicians and social workers and to begin a comprehensive ongoing assessment and treatment plan for anyone who enters a detention.

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