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I want to go to the witness protect. He wants to be in which you can't see your family again you've got to change your identity. No man crime shows man watch. I don't watch any last night a little bit. Just see every night before. I had to watch somebody get tease this best gate it. I didn't do it. There's no way what do you mean you didn't do. They got your fingerprints brown cheese. They it that really see zubin see always start sending him down this path. Would you for you guys in the seventies and eighties are getting caught. Because they had no idea something called. Dna would ever come down the line. You're you're seeing all these famous cases be solved. It's a little infamous in seattle right now because you would think russell wilson would be tailor-made everything he said about the twelve's but now think about the division chandler jones's back healthy joint. J. j. watt arizona's newest edition. Nick bosa and the rest of the forty niners eventually. We'll be healthy as well. They were walking mashing unit. And you know how good aaron donald is key is said essentially. Look russell wilson. Need some help on the offensive line when wilson was drafted part of the advantage of being drafted in the third round is that you can spend around the team on your rookie deal by. The defense was so good. So russell wilson at one point believe it or not accounted for about one percent less than one percent of the seahawks salary cap because he was a third round pick then he got the big money and he's fifteen percent of the cap consequently and consequently the seahawks went to bottom five. Been spending on the offensive line but key with all the names we just reeled off and you know you said what is all of these great ferocious pass. Rushers mean for wilson as the seahawks. Try to steady the ship. I like the way you made it sound ferocious on him. Like he'd thrown into lion's dean. Dan campbell was out there. Aaron donald then. I don't think i needed to go further. Well they've got to address the offense allying period. They gotta do a better job at identifying what they need to shore up the offense align whether it's the draft free agency undrafted is trades. Whatever they've gotta fix some of that. But russell wilson also has to get rid of the football. He can't hold onto the football for them near five seconds when he's back. There can't do that. you've got to let it fly. So a lot of it is a mix of both any office. Coordinator has to do a better job putting him in position to do what they did. Early on in his career allow him to make a splash. Play here near an explosive play. Run the football dominate. Play defense lights out. That is what they did for the majority of his career. Russell wilson just started cooking in throwing the ball over the last couple years where you started to see godley numbers at the beginning of the season and then things tell off the for him and they've got to get back to doing those things and if they can get back to doing that i think that they'll they'll be right in a conversation again in the nfc conference about potentially playing in the super bowl is so fi stadium in los angeles. It's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless jay the other thing. You have to keep in mind here. Is that the seahawks. Actually don't have first round pick. It was going to be twenty third overall but because of the jamal adams deal to the jets. The jets get their twenty third. Pick bottom of the first round. You could always get a good reasonably priced player to protect russell wilson but that no longer is enough. You know i. I start going through schedule yesterday. Key master deep dive because know we always talk about a win is a win but how you win. I think matters and some of these teams that they are able to be. I mean it wasn't like a dominating win. Russell had to really go outside of himself. So five point win against new england. Seven point win over dallas. A one point win over minnesota point win over philly five point win over washington and that start thinking about next year the teams eight the play outside their division and packers saints. Titans colts like. It doesn't get easier for them. I see a bigger chance of them. Regressing more so than moving forward. But here's what i would say to you about that jay and you know high am. Don't pay no attention right. In the reason. I say that will pay any attention. What is kansas city. Look like go down ken. A team by five beat a team by three beat a team by seven. Oh they had a fourteen point win. Okay do you keep going going or you go into seattle's history or pittsburgh's history. Certain teams win a certain way. And so when you look at it you go you say in the national football league. There's not a lot of blowouts. It's a it's a touchdown a list. I would probably say eighty five percent of the time. This is a great moment for me. Because you're my boy. We talk every day so we started talking about arizona. He's i don't care about the one that the hell murray it's the same thing it's zona correct. You find a way to win. You find a way to win. But it's how do they win. Like how did you win. That game when you're arizona and you beat you beat buffalo. Yes you get the. W. i don't care how you got it. It's a magical moment but if you don't contain that dude manse that you know your assignment stay ass on our side and not let that little. Do run around and throw that ball. Zubin got him but is the round go. It's the you stay in. Contain the coaches. Go over there every single practice. Don't let him on the outside if you allow him to get on the outside. He's going to kill you k. L. t. in so that happens. Guess what he hits you you lose if you contain him and keep him in the pocket. You gobbling up game over you fly back. Everybody's happy long trip to buffalo celebrating would cold wings instead of celebrating mad with no wings. That is exactly what happened buffalo. So do you think seattle we better than a record of twelve and four next year. I think they'll always gonna be right there. I'd always been that team win. Get you teen. Eleven wins every single year. Nobody at this moment in time without knowing what moves they still need to make everybody. Also division has gotten better looking at their out of conference. Schedule i don i. I'm jay baer at this moment of time. You got you got free agency. You got the draft. You got a lot of things and the number one.

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