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Like at least. This is how i always feel. I always feel like. I'm either on the brink of everything falling apart or i'm on the cusp of good things right. It never feels completely good in every appeals. You're you never cured of your mental issues so it always feels kind of like you're on the precipice so that feeling of being on the precipice and then the pandemic happening. It happened for so many people. I mean when you're when you're working through stop. It's it's constant work. It's constant struggle and it's always constant of this next one after this after this next week next month next year next year is going to be my near. Yeah actually. I'm going to focus on this next year. So i can't imagine how many people myself included in that in toward twenty twenty. We were sitting there and it was like okay. Okay this is gonna be. This is going to be what's happening. And then the world shuts down. But i like like bo burnham in a way that it is relatable that we all got second side we have to figure out what we're gonna do in and course correct our entire distance. A lot of people made the most of it too. And i feel like bo. Burnham is one of those people that definitely had had the opportunity to sit down and really unfortunately or fortunately for us sit and reflect and look at himself figure out who he was the person and what everything means to him. And what's going on in the world right so interesting. Yeah because what you just said. I think is super. I know if it's most people. I don't know the statistics. But i do know that when you do look at us. Ticks of people who faced unemployment during the pandemic and now a lot of markets are having trouble bringing people back to work and the right wing would. Have you believe that people are lazy and just want to collect checks but when you look at the statistics there are states. That took away the extra unemployment and their problems didn't get better because with a year all these people for the first time in their lives. Most of them to lack right. We got a chance to reflect it who we were. What was important. I'll we wanted to spend our time. Yeah in bo. Burnham is the same way and he decided to spend his time making us laugh. And you also. I feel like we could talk about ourselves for quick sec. Entered the pattern. You talk about me. You could talk about you. But moss way man you like you put your you put an effort. You quit your job. You changed your life. You're putting you in in harm's way and and you you you made a change and that was incredibly hard to do because burnham talks about it in this special that waking up and deciding to put on your shoes in gret dressed during the pandemic was a hard thing to fucking. Do i really that depression. I related that so much. I lost eighty pounds over the pandemic completely changed my lifestyle and my life learned how to cook. Quit my job realize that i need to perform it now and here i time saying it on the podcast. I just had an audition. And i landed your boys going to be performing off broadway improv. I'm gonna be doing comedy so like pandemic didn't thank you if the pandemic didn't happen if i didn't have time to reflect on what was going on i wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be healthy. I wouldn't be happy. I wouldn't be performing again. I wouldn't be doing those things. So you're you're completely right and it's funny that you said the pants thing because one of the ways that i kept my mental acuity during the pandemic was i gave myself small victories every day during the pandemic i was one of the few people i put on jeans or pants every single day. I didn't walk around in shorts. I did not walk around. In sweats. I was like i need to wake up and shower. Anita put on pants start my day as a chance to just completed everything. What about you how. How was your how is it. How is how were you doing before during and after now you don't have to get into depth by what your mental illnesses are or how it affected you can but i do wanna know how you were before during and after sure before we get into what the specialist. Because that's what the special is right. One hundred percent the special enemies talking about these things reflecting your self respecting on your own to health. And it's about our funding. Yeah specifically but also the ways in which he is a relatable person and so as someone who has dealt with mental health issues my whole life. I've a- pandemic. Wasn't that bad for me like i feel lucky. I really had more freedom than i've ever had. Because i feel like. I've i'm stuck in this corporate chain and i'm having to to go to work do this and spend so much time and energy on projects that i honestly don't give two shits about and when i was working from home i got to relax and i got to spend time with my girlfriend who. I was happy to be spending time with and watch tv. While i'm working and cook more. And i would go on runs on my lunch break. Because i i at home and i can change quickly and shower and i trained for marathon ran the marathon and did really well and i just so many things but i put you on blast about it. Sure like i was in a bad place in the pandemic. Let me go to a good place. You were in a good place when the pandemic started because the work you had done the two or three years before that marcus. You also lost an incredible amount of weight. Change your life. You added at least two decades to your life. You had done this. You're seriously you have done that. You went to therapy. Started working on your issues. You self-afflicted reflected instead. I'm not happy. And i would like to be an you started to do the work. That's what the special is about right like that was able to turn the face at and for people like you were doing the work. You should be so fucking proud. Because marcus how could you could you the head of the pandemic i've years ago. Oh i would myself one hundred percent. I'm not laughing. Because i know you're serious. Yeah i am serious because of the work. You fucking yes. It is true it is true. I appreciate that. But that's the thing too. Because i feel like the the pandemic was so hard and everyone but in such a way that is relatable and have varied so greatly. But it's shared trauma that we all have now because we've all had to kind of deal with a major life change. It is to find us on anything that shared experience that we all have is. What makes his comedy special. So good right because it's this. It's this thing that people are having a hard time talking about and discussing. Comedians are joking about it in a way. That is entertaining right now. People want to ignore it. People want to forget about people. Don't handle it. most people can't figure it out. They can try but they can't figure it out. Most people can't figure out how to navigate a compensation regarding covid end and all that stuff especially since there's so much like political shit around it too. I feel like the only person i've seen even remotely well as chapelle did a little bit. When he was like like he had that whole diatribe for five minutes where he wasn't even fucking trying to be funny and he wasn't really funny just talking about. Did you see that. He was at a light comedy show and it was comedy show and he would just like look. I'm just gonna talk for like a couple of minutes. Talked about what was going on and it would just like super like it was like this right. I would totally put dave chapelle dave shabazz one of the best comedians ever. Maybe the best. That's currently alive. I'm not saying bo burnham and him are the same. But i am saying they both have that thing of self actualization about their comedy right like they know what it means. They know their purpose in it. And they know like bo burnham he made the special because she needed it and he needed to share it. And that's what art is so it's it's.

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