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When you do keep much more of your window or earnings, you really, there's money to be made if you sell a hundred thousand copies, Something and the Lion's Share, you know what I mean? So yeah, I mean in that part of the deal Mark Hamill got was what we can't pay you a whole lot cuz you're unknown but we'll give you a percentage of all the garbage that we make. Wow, what a deal. That's yeah, there's a couple people from what I understand Keanu, Reeves has done that multiple times where the associate himself with projects that they really, they couldn't pay him. He was already enough of a star that he was worth it. But he said, you know, to worry about if it does, well, just give me some part of the back, end, the excavators. But, and so many movies, like The Matrix and apparently made a lot of money and their other think he's been involved in, you know, when you're, when you're a franchise figure, for the John Wick, movies are the Matrix movies, you, you can then do whatever you want for the rest of your life, cuz you've got fuck you, you know? And that man is a an honorable case study in them. Off. Because they're, I've hurt read many stories where he was on some movie and he's like, you know, who would be perfect for this other part that I'd love to act with so-and-so. And he named him after, I don't think we could afford him. He's like, fine, take away from my pay and give it to them so they can be in this movie. Exactly. Yeah. So I'm like, wow, that's so cuz from our Viewpoint, okay, if I get paid Thirty million to do a movie but I can get paid twenty-five million and also be with this other great actor. Okay. Great what's 5 million once you've made, you know, ten or Twenty exactly how long must be a couple of movies that were made, I love under those offices, were people that there's, there's a huge ensemble cast and they're all pretty big stars in their own, right? But they just wanted to work together. You know what I mean? I thought it was really good actor. I don't know. Philip Seymour Hoffman, or something like that, but a whole bunch of people have always wanted to work temp or wanted to be in a Woody Allen movie or whatever else it might be. And they kind of, I don't know if it's for scale as they say, you know, log Was a regular actor guess but they find some way of being able to work together. That's not only about the and that's right in Commerce, have to collide, but they don't have to be like. It wasn't reached the office in the alley, you know what I mean? So, well, the Mace Windu in Star Wars, you know, and who else Simon Pegg was in the force awakens off. And Daniel Craig, he was just filming a James Bond movie, close by to force awakens and said, I'd love to..

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