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Whispers, but I think to see it so baldly. Put forward was was surely something in for me? It was jasmine ward like to consider that one of the best American. Writers Theory won a National Book Award and still had to fight to. To get the number, you know what I mean and not that it's not a big number, but but I just I just know what industries paid for books. I cannot fathom her doing what she did when he to national. Book awards pretty much to back and Mike, still fighting to be recognized or be compensated for that kind of work I guess I, just I duNNo, and K Denison was one who, on dislike, she is legend likenesses, literally alleged and. I it was it was really flabbergasted. I haven't missed any too much on social media time on social media, because it's overwhelming, but I did scroll through a few of those in flabbergasted. Yeah, what do you think that needs to change in the publishing industry to get this big closed if if you have any suggestions for work? On your thought, I mean I have a lot of thoughts and one thing I I'm curious about whether or not the conversation will get. There is one around royalties because a lot of the conversation have been seen are about advances in really big advances right which I feel, it depends on the person, but if you get a really big advance in can't earn that out at least I have been told that the odds of being able to. To get another book with push is less right. Some of the numbers that we saw on that. Hashtag cruise that that's not true. Some people got big advances flopped and got bigger advances, but I think that one of the ways to potentially level the playing field is bring royalties into the conversation while often, if a lot of coalition, let's say will we just don't know if the book is going to be able to do what we think? Think it will, so we're only going to offer fifteen thousand. Give me twenty percent on royalties. You know like even this up and then if it doesn't do well like five didn't take the hit in terms of the advanced, but if it does well like I, get my cut at a larger base, but I feel like we see it in the music. Industry were seen it in force where athletes or musicians are really stepping up and saying. Saying, we are making the product we spend years making the product and we get.

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