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Been here snaps plaza is jammed the plaza district so we have all these districts which have also be gatt restaurants we have all these great locally owned restaurants many of which have been featured on national TV shows and in magazines none such was named the best new restaurant of twenty eighteen by what bona petite to magazine so that was a really big deal and so with the rise of all of those restaurants also brought the demise of the cafeterias there are no more cafeterias now in Oklahoma City we lost the last one I think the Boulevard was the last one then it closed about four five years ago do you do you know Brian anything more about that bulldozed and something's been built on it yeah yeah the yeah sometimes being built on the site but Dotson's cafeteria choir is yours is yeah yeah they're all gone of course the Devon tower to be okay tower in all of the other downtown things the the Boulevard is I also part of that the I again would say it's part of our maps thing but because it was in docked project but the Boulevard certainly is is going to do a lot I think twenty ten the the twenty ten to was the decade of the thunder I mean they had arrived a year or two in the decade before but I'm main thunder fever everywhere and you're going to say Kevin Durant well yes you do that a deck a leader of the decade yeah for Oklahoma City also went to Texas that's all I am well you know that's okay what what year get as eligibility to play in the NBA I'm glad this is radio you can't see my hand so with the with the success though of the thunder has also brought professional soccer so the rise of the energy football club has because Kim has come in as a result of that and there will be starting there I think seventh season later this year so you know it's it's it's a it's a good time to be in Oklahoma City and I've but I've been told many people as many who care and an even more who don't this is the I think that the greatest period of time in the history of Oklahoma City you you didn't mention the sale of the daily Oklahoman twice sold twice so so twice yeah and so I you know I'm I've thought about that earlier today it just didn't make it I didn't have my note pad and when I thought of it but yeah the are not quite the death but certainly the the demise of the of the Oklahoma it's it's struggling and struggling sold first to the and and such family and they turned around and sold it to get a house slash unit one of the you know well and along with that don't forget about our weather all yeah it has gotten a warmer I was going to bring that up in the next half hour we had so many tornadoes.

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