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Brought to you by the good contractors lists former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is said to be seriously looking at in a ring the race for the democratic presidential nomination correspondent Linda Kenyon has more the billionaire who initially ruled out of twenty twenty run says he's not made a final decision but he is taking steps toward running including filing to get on the ballot for Alabama's presidential primary Alabama has an early filing deadline and is one of the states the votes on super Tuesday the former mayor has long flirted with a presidential run but is never launched a campaign Bloomberg earlier considered a twenty twenty run but he passed in part because of Joe Biden's expected strength in the field the fact that he appears to be reconsidering could be signaling his dissatisfaction with the current field of democratic candidates hoping to take on president trump Linda Kenyan Washington the Denton county sheriff's office is investigating after two teams fishing near Denton creek found the body share of Tracy Murphree says twenty year old jade Monique Harris was brutally attacked and he believes it was an isolated incident she was stabbed multiple times and it was a very violent episode and it's just tragic he says are interviewing witnesses and may have a lead on a suspect no one has been arrested at this time the wife and mother of two disappeared on October twenty fifth if you have any information contact police cat bones ire WBAP news the execution of a Texas seven gang member who killed in North Texas police officer has been stayed because a state refuses to provide him with the British chaplain in the death chamber the US Supreme Court initially blocked Patrick Murphy's execution saying his religious rights would be violated if nobody's Chaplin was present a month later the Texas department of criminal justice band all clergy and death chambers and reschedule Murphy's execution for November thirteenth but U. S. district judge has stayed that execution days before the scheduled lethal injection Murphy in six other inmates escaped prison in two thousand and killed Irving police officer Aubrey Hawkins Clayton level WBAP news and a lawsuit related to the twenty fourteen of all a case in Dallas is being reviewed by the Texas Supreme Court a bridal shop in a higher is suing Texas health resources climbing a nurse who treated Thomas Eric Duncan before he died from the Ebola virus should never have been allowed to travel Texas business closing numbers on Wall Street the Dow up one eighty two nasdaq plus twenty four S. and P. five hundred up by eight from the W. B. A. P. newsdesk hi Mickey Briggs twenty four seven coverage is at W. B. A. P. dot com this is the news and told them to ninety nine five M. H. D. two started to two different cities two different ideas on how to handle homelessness this coming out I have not seen this anywhere but the Wall Street journal this afternoon our governor governor Greg Abbott has just declared a in area in Austin as you probably know he's been fighting with the whole homelessness thing and panhandling thing in Austin and they'll the leftist mayor and city council and all that our our you know up in arms over it because that your largest camp anywhere you want apparently in Austin which is on freaking believe on my wife and I live there in the late nineties and you know I remember a anyone who lived and and Austin in the nineties and probably even the eighties it was a trans was a transvestite guy how do you you dress and I try to be disrespectful but he's a guy and but he dressed like a woman Leslie was his name he was like everybody knew we was he was in downtown Austin like all the time nice guy but anyways that's about the extent of homelessness that I saw out there but it's gotten way out of control because the leftists in Austin have said no problem just camper you want set up a tent in front of a jewelry store and that you know that's one of the businesses that complain to the news that I saw there like dude our business is way down people are free to come in they're blocking the entrance it's it's unbelievable so the governor is just so was has been so sick of it that he governor Abbott has been encouraging Austin nights and and Texans who are visiting the the capital to tweet any pictures to him send him any pictures of panhandlers homelessness it crazy stuff we talked about one night a story where one of these panhandler homeless type people it was in the way was blocking crossing the street because you know this is all his area right right you know it's now his he knew what he wants he's crossed the street in in like was was just walk right for a car and a guy pulled over you know it got no road rage thing and this bomb took a took one of the square's third the riding scooters and picked it up and whipped it through the back of this man's windshield rear windshield or we window everyone a college and the man of the guy looks like a leftist of typical often left Z. like Hey the the the guy the the victim this is like Hey man you know I don't want to go down into a bit of a head to yeah you a geek is you know it was funny it was funny but the governor had a just released an amazing awesome idea that would you know might take root in other cities I could see this happening in fort worth definitely not in Dallas where DA Cruz a letting go cruise so what's the lesson don't be poor does you know just go ahead and you know do whatever you want and we won't do anything to you but Abbott has just declared a five acre plot this is so awesome he is just a clear a five acre plot of state owned land in southeastern Austin to be an area for homeless people if and the property is gonna have portable restrooms hand washing stations and agreement an agreement from local charities to service to serve I should say meals there so for all of you all who say that there's no compassion or we need to feel it here it is you got five acres to a gloriously enjoy and the people want to serve you and perhaps not hold you accountable which is a problem I have but that's okay if they want to serve you and give you food and stuff like that you they can do it and that there you go now I I assume that I assume I really do that the the state this is all done by governor Abbott which I'm so proud of him so grateful for this Duncanville zone Greg Abbott but I ate up I wonder if they're gonna bust some seriously right I have a bus coming around and say you can hop on over here will take you there no charge don't often and you have bathrooms and it's your it's a paradise basically now what do you suppose the leftists in charge of Austin say about this do you suppose they support it what do you suppose well it's very funny because like in there like a deer in the headlights they don't know what to say but they do have a problem of course course Austin mayor Steve Adler said he appreciated any assistance for the homeless Himmler's whatever but he says basically that he knows best he says the city's efforts will remain are finding permanent housing for people in other words and by the way he says ultimately we don't want people camping anywhere also so like now it's well that's you can't but what what do you and your long in the Kevin for businesses so so now camping's bad even though you're letting camp where they want to right now which is why governor I would came in and and said we're gonna so they're going to take you off they've got taken everybody off the property and now they're going to create a great a five acre plot with a state owned land this is this is really amazing I love it meantime Vegas Las Vegas just passed another another effort a just another effort like habit but even the different and it's also very innovative by the way your thoughts on this and and how to handle the panhandlers the homeless folks that you see in the metroplex things you've seen as well eight hundred two eight eight W. B. A. P. is our number eight hundred two eight eight nine two two seven Las Vegas Oscar Goodman was the mayor of Las Vegas years ago when I I would fill in from time to time for a friend of mine in Las Vegas as a whole talk show host back in the day now it's his wife I believe Mrs good Mrs Goodman Carolyn Goodman anyway a mayor Carolyn Goodman just sponsored created in past and got the the the the Las Vegas the council voted five to for a new law that they just passed where it makes it a crime listen to this this is freaking great and I could see fourth passing this they need this it makes it a crime for homeless people to sleep on streets or sidewalks when beds are available at city sanctions shelters that's fair that's fair if there are beds open and you know why they don't want to go on a because they want to stay hi Larry they wanna stay drunk and if you're drunk or your high you cannot stay at the shelter because they don't want to support people better junkies and the majority of people that are are are homeless I will call them junkies and call them names but the majority of them are drug addicts is not mentally ill people who are simply victims it is drug addicts or alcohol alcoholic or it is some sort of substance abuse who choose to selfishly sustain them their selfish habits instead of becoming sober and so what you don't understand for those who disagree with me on this is in my stance come from people who run a homeless shelters and because they now and they claim to care unlike the liberals who will you know let Democrat left is to Pat themselves on the battle gonna awesome I am and instead they're sadly enabling keeping these people high or drunk in under the guise of helping and actually hurting them but Las Vegas says is a crime now for homeless people to sleep on streets or sidewalks twin beds are available at city sanctions shelters they have no say about what most people though most people may not realize that your level of would you want to call it your level of comfort ability or your standards may not be nearly as low as there's a you think all these poor guys or girls women and men but many of them choose to live on the street so they can do things the way they want to do which stay high stay drunk that's why they're there so what they need is accountability not excuses and by the way love is our accountability holding people accountable as it is one very important form of loving.

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