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Over the years the legend of the stuff left in the house has grown. There's the legend of the christmas tree in the living room. Complete with wrapped presents underneath one. Rumor was the pearl. Simmons had already put up their tree and wrapped their gift. But a it's unclear this alleged christmas tree ever existed. I didn't see any pictures of it and be not for nothing but the person's jewish that doesn't mean that they didn't celebrate christmas. I'm jewish and. I grew up celebrating christmas but i don't think the tree even if there was a tree and those presents were there's but if the in rica's family never moved in who is celebrating christmas in that house also who are all these people who have a christmas tree and wrapped presents by december. Six am i the only one running around on december twenty third grabbing the last tube of wrapping paper left at cvs. Another rumor that the enrica says possibly rented the house to tenants at some point who suddenly fled the home in a panic on the anniversary of the murder slash suicide. This seems like a stretch first of all. No one knows for sure. If there ever were any renters in the house on glendower's place and second. If there were renters one would hope they would have been alerted to the events that took place there in december nineteen fifty-nine and if they are ready knew what would make them suddenly flee and never return like even if they thought they saw a ghost or neighbor kids. Were playing a prank trying. To scare them one would think they might return the next.

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