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From the underground. And we're back to close out the show the pieces he multi verse one of the things so much noyon fine for appearing on the show today. My friend, Bill and Ted's face. The music is coming out very soon. A trailer drop this week and I had everybody excited. To hear your thoughts man on bill and Ted's face, the music blue. Looks good I'm I'm excited it's it looks funny. I love the part where they get out. You know spoilers in the trailer, but they travel through time, and they see their their future selves in prison, and they're all. They're all buff. Yeah, that was too funny. The one thing that threw me off about this. Is that like? This is a character I feel like Kiana had to regress backwards to get into this character and I'm curious of this kind of a a step forward for him, or if it's doing a disservice to him, but I'm glad that he's back in this role because I've always enjoyed those movies and I'm hopeful that people go back and watch the other ones, and then go back and watch this one just to kind of get that complete story. I just don't want it to be like bladerunner twenty forty nine right where people are like. The old ones came out what twenty years ago so I just feel no need to watch this because this does look like a really cool movie. But. Don't get me started on blade runner twenty, four nine, because they are missing out on one of the best films of the past decade in Blade runner twenty forty nine. You spoke about it many times, and we're going to be speaking about it again. In the not too distant future I'll just leave it at that, but with bill and Ted's face. The music you've got something that's got a lot of people going I mean the reaction. The Internet out there was just truly remarkable. People really excited if it's. It's trending quite a bit on twitter. The number of us were really exciting, not at marvel level mind you, but still a lot of people were checking out. They were calling it bill and Ted Day, and all that so a lot of people are excited for my friend I. Know I am and I. Know You are, too. We're looking forward to bill. And Ted faced the music coming up right now. It's later this year so I'm looking forward to it to my friend. I know you are as well and. You know. Whether or not you are going to go back and check out the last one. I hope you do. At least the first one bill and Ted's bogus journey was not exactly the best adventure. I was just say that. But it had its moments much like a lot of the comedies from that era. It had its moments. It wasn't all greats, but it. It definitely had some laughable parts in there. I guess There was a little bit when they were playing with death. That I. Think was probably the best parts about it, so we'll just go ahead and leave it at that but. I will say this if you get a chance. Check out the original one for sure, and that's bill and Ted's excellent adventure. You'll be glad you did at least get you up to speed with what's going on with. Bill and Ted faced the music. Hopefully you'll get a chance to check that out, and if you need to the trailer, just go ahead and check out our pop culture cosmos facebook page any last thoughts on bill and Ted. No. I'm still processing the trailer. Hopefully we'll see more footage ones. Is that slater come out this year? It's keeping its August release date as dowse. Let me check on that yeah. Bill and Ted face music. It's keeping its August release date as of now so. Good yeah, I mean it sounds like this actually. Feels like a good time to release a bill and Ted movie so I'm hoping that they keep that release date, but yeah, I'm excited. As a my my friend asked by. What do you think out there is going to go on with bill? And Ted faced music when it comes out as scheduled right now later this year in August who knows I don't think that's movie that's going to be put out strictly on the digital, but we'll have to wait and see whatever happens with bill and Ted face to music. But we're to hear thoughts. Is this a movie that you're going to be excited to go see? This movie that's going to be excellent party on. Shears. Your thoughts pop culture cosmos. Dot Com! Couple more items before he hit on my friend. Want to go ahead and get everyone updated on A. Video game platform that made some announcements this past week, and that was arcade one up. Arcade one up announced four new machines on the way this holiday and wanted to go ahead and give you a rundown. A Miss Pacman machine with Glenn, PAC, mania, impact and plus. A big buck hunter, pro device with two guns, two rifles with big Buck, world, big buck, hunter, open season and big buck safari outback. X. Men Versus Street fighter, and that'll come with X. men children of the atom X-men mutant apocalypse, and marvel versus Capcom clashes, superheroes and last, but not least they finally debut their pinball game, and that was in development and I got a chance to see this past ce. That's their work with Zen Studios. They're doing this in conjunction Zen, Studios Marvel pinball will beyond the way from arcade up I. Think the fans. Overall reactions were kind of disappointing, because these are all properties outside of big buck hunter that they have already. Big Bucks. which you know, I know goes to a small demographic. That's that always buys a CAPPELLA Games, the big games and all that. I'm kind of disappointed. And there are a lot of other people are disappoint as well as no real new cabinets that are really exciting, the arcade one. That's what I was thinking when I was reading. The articles on. These are all properties that they may have already done before like in a lot of them are done on. The cabinets have multiple games on them. So what is going to make me go out and buy them? You know what's going to make me go on by the patent miss. Pacman one was going to make me go out and buy the street fighter one. Just it all. If feels very repetitive I, am kind of interested in the pinball machines. Are they going to be full sized pinball machines, or are they sub three? It's three quarter as as. Three-quarter so okay all right? Yeah, I mean I am interested in those you know what the price point will be on them I'm assuming they're going to stay in line with what they've been doing in the past, and that's three to five hundred dollars is what they usually do. Start off with the retail price of three ninety nine for some units, some four ninety nine, depending on either the popularity of. of it or the sheer size, if it's different like for instance, the Star Wars Cabinet came out at four ninety nine, whereas some of the other cabinets came out three ninety nine, so it's going to be different to see how that plays out. I was kind of just as appointed to see that there was no variety I mean that's great that they had the Pacman in a series of Pacman. PACMAN games with it, but least that we had some other news. Ip's that you're going to get I know. A lot of people wanted the WWe games from the past I know a lot of people were talking about NFL blitz. A lot of other people were talking about outrun. There were a lot of variations of IP's..

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