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So last night dodgers brewers at Dodger Stadium dodgers fell behind early Brian dosier. The new second baseman brought him back. Fourth time, spotty granddaughters home at against chase Anderson now it's dove. Two. After the game. Dosier said this, I love the three ninety five center. That's that's used to that, but it was cool and came the moment the obviously time game than. Yazd book, which is just think everything just kind of transpired. Pretty funny. It was a fun game. You know, especially the current call and all that was that was pretty cool. A lot of different emotions all around with all that being said, come out. Dave Roberts dodger manager on dosier debut Bryan, obviously had a tremendous game made a play. Coming in and did some great things tonight in the baddest box, the Homer, the double got a single in there. So he was on base all night long. And I think for for him there was that air those kind of a weird one in the first inning. All right. So Mason Ireland, John along with Mike Trudell who is a native Minnesotan. Right. And and so you reached out into your role, the deck so we can get more info on goes your. Yes. So I was the second. The trade went down started texting. Some of my Minnesota buddies and my Minnesota buddy that knows more than most about the twins is Phil Mackey. He's the host of Mackey and Judd show on ESPN fifteen hundred Imia polis supposed to touch twins podcast, Philly. You have watched a lot of dosier over the just tell John people what you texted me back. When I when I asked you what does was going to do for dodgers here? First of all, thanks for having me on you guys. And by the way, what what? A summer for Los Angeles sports, how much fun is it to sit there and do what you guys are doing right now? LeBron James, Manny? Machado Brian dozer is like is like a. Site dish. We get, we get everybody filled. They're all coming. We get the best best looking girl from every high school and now all the best athletes, it's lots onto. We're very, very excited to land. Anthony tolerate here. Minnesota. We were doing. The dodgers you should be. That was the main target for the clippers. Apparently they took the plane to try to get Oliver and he's like, mom, I want to go play for Tibbs fill before before you answer my question about what you Texan them. I went Greg Bergman. Our producer is the biggest dodger fan here. He watches every game. He does like nineteen Facebook, Snapchat, periscope. Listening, social media. Greg detail. Phil, tell Phil why you did not necessarily get excited about the dosier trade you weren't. I was not excited because this year I know in the past and he's a good second half for a lot of his years. But this year he is not looked good. His numbers were really far down. He has batting average, really low is on base percentage is lower than it usually is. He just doesn't have the power that he had earlier in the in the last couple of years. I think that him coming in was going to take away time from guys like Chris Taylor and max Muncie. They were going to be playing second base, and it reminded me very much of Curtis Granderson coming into the dodgers lash case, oh, where they forced at bats upon Granderson when he was struggling and going to do that with dosier. And of course this is usually the case with you. You were proven dead wrong last night. They do who either way for home runs happily happily wrong. However, Curtis Granderson hit two hundred thousand first dodgers transplant quit filibuster. Good. Fill react to all of that. That did for dodger fans like Greg. This was kinda. But you according to Mike, like dosier coming to LA, why so? Okay. So Greg just expressed every frustration twins fans have had with dosier off and on for like six years, but but this is what I'll say about him and why and why don't disagree. But there's a, there's a ton of reason to be optimistic. It's not. It's not like the dodgers gave up top top of the line prospects. They got to unload the Logan foresights money to, you know, to to save from luxury.

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