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He is going to do what he takes it takes to make sure that Brian needs to see that he has the influence that he can do this that he has to do this for Ted because that's what matters to Emmett. He went up against the all-powerful, Brian. And he won we find out that. Todd's going to not go to jail, but he's gonna pay a penalty. Here. We see Melanie once again is a terrible lawyer. She did nothing at all. In this case. She just showed up in her pantsuit and bailed them out. That's it. She might as well just gone into the car ongoing law the law law. Don't we Joyce yet? I can slap you with a motherfucker of a fine. Also going to have to shut down the website forever. You do anything even remotely connected to porn again. Even buying a fucking naked greeting card. The D L slamming to the wall screen standing. Put your pants on. So I'm kind of curious how that penalty they can come into play. Like, can you really force somebody to close their business it? Yeah. It doesn't make sense unless it's a unless it's part of the deal because also they don't say anything about him having to go on like a sex offender registry or anything like that. But he has to plead guilty to these charges. Yeah. The charges were intriguing to a delinquency of a minor or something like that. So close your business pay a fine. Cea. Never comes back up again. And I do love it when they go to the basement because they're he's closing up. Shop is so sad. Watching Ted does until the whack shack. It was really sad. And I love I love that. They the Emmett rediscovers his turning bed that he had negotiated. Look. It's my revolving bid from when I was a big stuff. You still are it's the Dick's that got small. He's says the it was back when he was a big star in Ted's says oh, use your you are big star. It's the Dick's that got small marketing back to the classic line from Sunset Boulevard and Norma Desmond. Used to be in pictures used to be big. I am. Pictures that got small. And I thought this was also just a really beautiful tender moment between imminent, Ted. Where was so cute really super touching? Yes. I like really is one of the first times I really grasped onto what they mean to each other. I understood their bond, I understood their relationship, and it was it was really nice. Oh, God when heads the thing he's upset about most as they had to give up the house how he wanted to have that. Oh that one kinda got me. I loved this notion that Ted doesn't know what's next hemispheres rowing with it because his life isn't changing much Ted's life is like completely turned upside down. He has no idea what's coming next. So I I really liked the way that those two actors played out that scene. There was something else that we quickly glossed over as one Ted did his awkward. Thank you to Brian in the diner. Yes. Uh-huh. Brian ends up saying that he only did it to protect his client and Debbie. Threw him though. I'll never figure out why he does. You mean act like a total shit. It's obviously just see titties. This was a really nicely played seen. It was really short. It was really sweet. And I'll just came from glances at just the right time. That's how you know. It's a well edited in a well directed seen. So that's the end of the wax shack. No, more porn, and thus begins a much more interesting ark for Theodore Schmidt. And I always wanted to know what happened to his assistant. And he he went back to homeroom. Still queerest vote. So there were three runners in this episode. I'm going to talk about the easiest one I smell and he gets pregnant. Yep. Now, we'll talk about the second one..

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