Dr Marc Siegel, Vice President, Mark Siegel discussed on Mark Levin


You know, we're gonna have the great Dr Marc Siegel on next hour. And I want to talk about this. This operation. Warp speed project and its enormous success that even the New York Times has to acknowledge. Yeah, There's a cure right around the corner, and that this thing is going to be cut short to come for the pandemic is going to be over far sooner than originally thought. And it's because this president has organized the response, not foul. Not the FDA, not the CDC. That's um, bureaucracy, but this president has driven it. He's driven it and he's done it with his vice president has run this taskforce. Make no mistake about it. In some cases, it's in spite of What Falcon has been doing a man who spends more time on TV than any other human being I've ever seen. So Mark Siegel, Dr Marc Siegel, who is terrific, I say's America's a doctor. He's going to be on the program. He'll walk us through some of this. Yo says a fabulous new book. At the time, he couldn't be better, covert the politics of fear in the power of science. And what we see here is the president has been following the Science hall along, he's compressing the scientists. Private sector. The final vaccine. And for his part, his streamlined the bureaucracy. He has cut the red tape. Not cut corners. The Democrats are scared to death of this. It's sickening, but it's true. They're scared to death that something could be available before.

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