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You do the same this Scott Oberg good do good good relief pitcher to the you know fast ball command and not afraid to throw inside I I think Goldberg is a really big part of that that middle inning in relief corps of the Rockies there's a really good the article in the it looks like the Arizona Republic by Dan Bickley he's the premier sports writer in Phoenix legendary sportswriter down there talking about the governor opening up the state and he said the governor's banking on hostile weather meeting the hot weather in Arizona weakening the legs of a pandemic and he said I like his odds he said seriously we are world champions of social distancing in the summertime he said you want to see a ghost town drive around Scott still on fourth of July is itself so hi good so that makes sense it makes sense it doesn't make sense he needs he said he's they're banking on it sounds like the heat will kill off this virus at least down there that would be can that that you could have baseball down there he also mentions this Dave he he he he mentions football he said the governor's actions confirm that Arizona is a safe haven for the NFL it means the cardinals can start training camp on time I it also means that the cardinals might be asked to share their facility with the forty Niners while the other two California franchises relocate to Vegas and Denver respectively I want to talk about that you heard yeah you heard that song up interesting he wrote that in the article so these California teams in there make it pretty clear California is not open for business you might see these other pro sports teams in California relocate but listen the the governor can I mean he can govern the state of California other news tonight and I think by and large anybody who's followed what California has done has given props to the governor because he's he got on in front of this thing they've they've done a very good job by all accounts in mitigating the rise of this virus that said if they make the decision to basically shut down the state with respect to allowing sporting events forget about the fans there but just allowing the events and I said this back in March the the NFL is gonna play it would take a catastrophic event even more so than what we've already been through with this epidemic for the NFL to say listen we're just not gonna have a twenty twenty season and if that means those three California teams play their home games elsewhere we talked about this March that's going to happen so feels like it no yeah yeah it feels like it then I wonder if they'll if that happens if you see these California sports team say Hey we're going to move to Denver we're gonna move to Phoenix I wonder if then the fans there and people will start pushing back a bit on the on the governor I think you're gonna start seeing that soon anyway how do you look at Tom Ilan mosque we talked about him yesterday didn't hear much about him multinational moves enough and he he's a media Darling I because I didn't do anything the the state didn't do anything to him I don't see any of the big media people killing them you know on their newscast looks like he can do what he wants to do it doesn't suck to be lawn musk with Jeff and Armando joins us on cable news radio morning Jeff how are you yeah I mean instructions any help or more we reduce all right away I miss I miss a conversation last week on worries on yeah so Rick you might notice you guys do you remember because I'm from California to members show in the seventies called emergency fifty one vaguely yeah okay Larry Zarco was aghast on that was like an industrial accident and he got gas and he was still on fire men all over the place and me and my brother were this like going crazy or it get it out of me the series against so he was a guest show and sure actors and all that but Larry was just top the people around you remember how he played football but another guy you guys remember who I thought was an excellent football player for the dolphins was Jake Scott play everywhere J. Scott safety place safety been fact checked Scott was on that that unbeaten team he and Dick Anderson former see you all American with two safeties for the dolphins but didn't ever tell Jay Scott as a wide receiver to and do partner turns or anything like that I don't ever remember remember that no I don't I don't think so I don't think he ever played wide receiver Larry Siple okay was the partner in Larry was a receiver somewhat but Jake Jake was a was a safety with the number eleven J. Scott was thirty or thirteen I think he okay update on the lan must Alameda county give Tessa it's blessing on the condition that they maintain minimum business operations that's nice of them out there you go the date if you're a small business owner don't try that by the way and implement all recommended implement implement additional safety recommendations so they said yes they can open they said yes that'll be his new slogan eleven twenty five at the time day breaking Kathy good morning a Keighley news radio and the I heart radio app right now there is a lot to consider when selling a home home equity is high housing inventory is down and interest rates are at an all time low but.

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