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New York State Thruway Approaching Exit 14 a up to the Spring Valley tolls. This construction, blocking the left and center lane. So getting delays are picking up through this spot as well. And now the forecast WCBS Weather center. Well, clouds There will be slowly building in across our area tonight and we'll have a shower thunderstorm in some spots. As we approach a daybreak we'll be on our sunrise tomorrow. Just after 5:30 a.m. our low tonight 76. A shower storm a linger around for the morning hours. And then as we move into the latter part of tomorrow afternoon and early tomorrow night we do with the watch for A couple of stronger storms to be around our area, and those storms could produce some flooding. Downpours along with some localized damaging winds or heist tomorrow, topping out around 90 TIC raised the low tomorrow night 77. Again, there can be a strong storm or two for the latter part of the day on Thursday, will be back up to near 90 degrees will be in the mid and upper eighties to round out the week. More than just the headlines. This is WCBS news Radio, 8 80 At his first coronavirus briefing since April, President Trump changed his tune on masks and is now encouraging everyone that can't socially distance to wear one. They're DiBlasio served notice that if President Trump is serious about deploying federal law enforcers in New York He could expect a lawsuit. Governor Cuomo suspends the liquor licenses of four bars that ignored social distancing rolls, three of them in Queens and one on Long Island. New York nursing home's air, seeing a host of lawsuits after scores of residents contracted the Corona virus. The NFL says no preseason games this time around. It's 8 31 CBS News Update with confirmed Corona virus cases in the U. S approaching four million, and with nearly 142,000 deaths, President Trump is acknowledging the severity of the situation when you are not able to socially distance where a mask get a mask, whether you like the mask or not. They have an impact. They'll have an effect and we need everything we can get. Mr. Trump's endorsement of Mask wearing is a dramatic about face for a president, who for months, resisted wearing.

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