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Team looked really prepared to play. I'm guessing it was the team that really, really has those Buckeyes on their helmets. Here's Paul Kills from Deerfield. I MG college sermon in the backfield to out in each direction for Ohio State snapped a fields. Fields keeps it looks to throw now takes off running 15 of Nebraska, going wide to the left of the 10 fields to the five field spins and gets to the end zone as he's turned away from defenders closing on him and Justin Field, a 17 yard touchdown run his first rushing TD of the year, and it's 30 14, Ohio State. Ohio State dominates Nebraska, 51 to 17. And man did I miss here in Paul kills who I consider to be one of the best play by play men in the business, Justin Fields 20 of 21, passing for two touchdowns and he ran for another score. Absolutely awesome. Fields completes his 1st 12 passes through for 276 yards. He ran for another 52. Absolutely awesome. Ohio State belongs in that national championship discussion. Even after one game, they face number eight Penn State on the road next week. Well, we'll get to that. They won't be number eight for long. No, no, no. No. But Oklahoma State Could Oklahoma State be impressive? Will their sixth in the country, right? Sure they belong. But can they hold off Iowa State will find out Here's Dave Hunsicker from Lear Field, I MG college. So first in 10, Oklahoma State at the Iowa State 13 tied at 14 8 50 to play in the third. Sanders makes a handoff keeps running right. It's a block from once right sideline of five zone pistols firing.

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