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Got hit hard by this storm overnight. And that was the longest. Battering. We've definitely seen in a while not necessarily intense just the duration the, you know, I mean, we had the flash flood warning go off last night on our phones. Like, I don't know. Eight thirty or nine or something like that. So. Yeah. His solid sold. Rain. There's a lot of flooding here around the seal beach pier. It is because these pumps that are supposed to drain the flooding. The heavy rain water. They were overwhelmed. It was too much rain in too short in amount of time live in seal beach, Craig Wagner can extend seventy NewsRadio about the concern in Malibu this morning. Now, let's go there. Here's John Baird. The storms have been relentless. And forecasters say the rain will continue through Friday morning. It will come down steadily this afternoon much harder later tonight. That's why mandatory evacuation orders are still in place for some Malibu neighborhoods. LA county sheriff's deputy, Marvin Crowder, we're still still evacuating people. For the possible mudslides in the Melwood area to some people kind of scoffed at the evacuation orders for some of the neighborhoods. It's really not that crazy. There may might there might be danger down the road others though, decided not to take chances. They were getting out going right now. Evacuating right now. And she rolled away. We understand the people who did get out yesterday won't be allowed back in today. Malibu Representative said, it didn't really make any sense to let.

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